Get the most out of our search tool and find the best icon packs on Freepik

At Freepik, we want you to make the most out of all our resources, which is why we work every day so that you can enjoy the very best user experience. In this post we want to tell you about some tricks and features that will help improve the result of your designs. 

Pay attention! Because not only will you save a great deal of time, but you’ll also take your projects to the next level. 

  1. Filter by style
  2. Quick edit filter
  3. Icon packs on Freepik Premium

freepik filters

1. Filter by style: Find resources directly in the style you need

If you’re already sure about the style of your design with vectors, why not explore only the resources that are along this line? You’ve probably asked yourself this question many times. 

Well, if this is the case for you, the filter by style tool will be the perfect ally to help you limit your search to the artistic styles that match your project. 

Exactly! You can select styles directly in our search tool such as watercolor, flat, cartoon, geometric, gradient, isometric, 3D and hand-drawn, choose the resource you need and download it.

Keep in mind that this filter option is always available when searching for vectors, so it won’t appear when you’re looking for photos, icons or PSDs. 

If you still don’t believe it, don’t lose another minute, go to Freepik and see it for yourself.

freepik filters

2. Quick edit filter: Select only resources that can be edited online

If there’s something we love, it’s being able to edit Freepik resources online. With the “Quick edit” filter option, only the resources that can be customized with our online editors Wepik and Storyset will be displayed.

This option is available for all categories, including vectors, photos and PSDs, except for icons, which will not appear in the filter panel. 

And if you haven’t yet discovered our online editing tools, now is a good time so that you can select a resource and edit it, using our quick edit filter. Remember! All those that meet the requirements will include the “Edit online” button, which will take you to Wepik to continue the process.

You can customize each element of the design by changing colors, positions, sizes, fonts and much more. What are you waiting for? Try it now!

If you want to find out more about our search filters, check out this article where we explain them in more detail. 

freepik icons

3. Icon packs on Freepik Premium

If you need icons for your design, remember that you can also access millions of these resources without leaving the website. If you used to browse Freepik and Flaticon in search of the perfect icons, you’ll no longer have to. 

As a Freepik user, you can access over 52,000 icon packs to design menus, interfaces, apps and much more without leaving your Premium profile. 

With this option, you can explore by themes and download a complete icon pack in a single click, all in the same style and in different formats: eps, svg, psd and png. These packs are so complete that they offer the perfect solution for the set of icons that your project needs.

If you haven’t yet discovered these features, we hope you’ve paid close attention so you can make the most of them and optimize the result of your work. 

You can start by searching for inspiration in some of the different styles available on Freepik, then select a resource you like, learn to edit it online and seize the full potential of the icons to add consistency to your design. Let’s do it!