We’ve improved our search filters so you can find the best resources on Freepik

We know that time is money, that’s why, at Freepik, we’ve adapted our search filters so that you can find the resources you need in the shortest time possible. We’ve redesigned the filter interface, making it much more visual and accessible for users. So much so, we’re sure that now it will be so much easier to find what you’re looking for.

In this post, we’ll summarize some of the additions included in the new filter system, so that you don’t miss a thing and you can make the very most out of this powerful tool.

More visual and user-friendly

One of the basic changes made to this new filter system is its appearance. Now, you’ll find a much more visual interface, which offers endless options in a clear and precise way. 

As a user, you’ll find that with a few simple clicks you can filter your search results both by categories — vectors, photos, PSD, icons — and by type of user license — free or premium —. Exactly! Our filters now work like click buttons! 

Below this, you’ll find a series of drop-down menus with all the other options that you can apply to the search: color, orientation, style and ethnic origin of the people appearing in the image, among others. By clicking on each of them, you’ll be able to quickly view all the available options and select all those you need to continue to refine the resources displayed.

Filter by style for vectors

With the implementation of this improved system we’ve added Mefilters, which you’ll love, like the new filter by style, which will let you choose the type of results displayed such as watercolor, flat, cartoon, geometric, gradient, isometric, 3D and hand-drawn. Totally amazing!

This option is available when searching for vectors.  In other words, when you click on one of these filters, the vector category will be selected automatically and only this type of resources will come up on your search.

Filter style vectors

Filters for photos

In addition to the new filter by style for vectors, you’ll also find an improved search interface for photographic resources. Within this category, you’ll also be able to choose whether you need people to appear in the image or not. And that’s not all! You can also select how many people you want to appear, as well as their age, gender or ethnic origin. 

There’s no doubt in our minds that you’re going to make the very most out of this feature. 

Edit the resources or take our advice 

Last, but not least, we’ll tell you a bit about the advantages of applying the “Quick edit” filter, a feature that, if you’ve not already discovered it, is sure to surprise you. By using this filter, only the resources that you can customize with our online editors Wepik and Storyset will be displayed.

If you’re more or less sure what you’re looking for but don’t know what the best option is, we’ll make it easy for you: Freepik’s Choice. Our team has selected their favorites out of all our high-quality resources to help you find the right fit for your project. 

Now you know all about our newest additions, it’s time to explore and find inspiration through our new filters. How about starting with something new? As you know, if you don’t look, you won’t find, and with these improvements, you’re sure to find everything you need, faster than ever.