Get back to school creatively with Freepik

In every sector of society, the “back to school” moment makes its presence felt as it impacts most businesses. Sometimes this will be due to straightforward economic transactions and other times, on a personal level, it’s owing to the need to manage leisure, family and work time. In this management of schedules, we have to bear in mind the time needed to take the kids to school, the traffic jams in the morning and at midday, and so on. But there is one sector where going back to school is more than something that needs taking into account – it’s a “campaign”. We’re talking of course about the education sector, where this date marks the end of the vacations and the start of work.

The end of the summer vacation is always accompanied by a rush to prepare for the return to school – sourcing uniforms, books and, of course, school supplies. Students are looking forward to the start of a new school year and it’s time to renew their school material so that they’re perfectly equipped and have everything they need to start classes. For their part, teachers have to update their programs, structure their classes and put everything in order.

Back to School images and photos

At Freepik, we can help you to personalize and create your own school material with hundreds of resources such as worksheets, coloring pages, schedules, and weekly planners of all kinds such as classrooms, chalkboards, and others for students and teachers. These resources will also save you money and provide you with more original, personalized materials.

Remember, if you don’t have any experience in graphic design or if you prefer to edit online, you can use our Wepik tool to create and edit materials on the web. Why not check out all the available, ready-to-use back-to-school templates? On this platform, you’ll find everything from worksheets and teaching units, through schedules, to planners and certificates, all of which will be of great help to the whole educational community.

Back-to-school worksheets and teaching units

At the start of school, it’s very important to present the school, institute or educational institution’s road map to both parents and pupils, as well as the internal procedures to the educators and management team. In Slidesgo you’ll find presentations with guidelines and working procedures for all stakeholders in the educational process.

We recommend checking out five presentations you can’t miss so that going back to school doesn’t give you a headache. You’ll also find thousands of infographics, mathematical symbols, school clipart and drawings that will help you make your presentations more understandable and user-friendly.

What resources are most in demand with teachers?

Following the emergence of COVID 19, education systems around the world have had to make profound adaptations and boost the use of new technologies to encourage and promote online options for learning. As a result, interactions between students and teachers moved into the virtual realm. Educators began to rely more on email, video conferencing, photos, digital worksheets and online forms, as well as learning about management systems and electronic signatures.

Although face-to-face learning will be back this year, many of these virtual elements are here to stay and it’s essential to present them in a creative and appealing way to avoid boredom and lack of engagement. That’s where Freepik comes in, with its millions of graphic resources that you can adapt your work. You’ll find it all – from wallpapers for videoconferencing tools such as Zoom or Google Meet to images to personalize your Google Doc templates or certificates to reward students’ work during the course.

infographics and wallpapers for the Back to School season

Other resources that teachers are increasingly using and demanding for online formats in education are e-learning platforms that help to creatively reinforce the knowledge acquired in class or that help to acquire it if for some reason students haven’t been able to attend in person. In this sense, platforms such as Moodle, ClassDojo or Kahoot are very on trend as they use gamification to learn while having fun and even include grading systems for students. These tools encourage creativity at the same time as ensuring knowledge is acquired.

Why is creativity important in the classroom?

Back to School worksheets and creative teaching units

As time goes by, educational content is updated. Syllabuses are becoming more and more fun and enjoyable. Teaching methods are evolving with the different online resources and hybrid forms of education are being delivered in which online and offline formats complement each other perfectly. This creativity in the use of resources leads students to find more success in different areas.

So, if creativity is so important in education, what can you do to encourage it?

  1. You can carry out basic interventions such as changing the organization of chairs and tables, favoring teamwork.
  2. Try decorating classrooms with educational posters that help to reinforce knowledge.
  3. Encourage the creation of mind maps, Venn diagrams, visual timelines, among other things, so that students can create their own objectives and ideas.
  4. Carry out educational activities outside the classroom – set up excursions, museum visits, outdoor classes.
  5. Organize group work in different formats such as making a video or setting photography assignments on different themes.
  6. Add color and illustrations to teaching materials. You can do it with coloring pages for the little ones.
  7. Encourage students to stand in front of the class and take the lead with presentations of their work, allowing them to give some lessons with previously corrected scripts.
  8. Motivate them with recognition and prizes. Give them stickers, diplomas or certificates, not only for obtaining good results, but also for effort.
  9. Hold collective ceremonies or parties when objectives are achieved.

Having shared with you all the different activities you can do, and all the resources that Freepik offers to help you organize them, all that’s left is to wish you a happy return to the classroom and to remind you: Don’t run in the corridors!