Create a WOW effect with 3D cartoon style

As we predicted in our Visual Trends guide for 2023, the 3D cartoon trend is a must for 2023. This style offers catchy designs appreciated by all, young and old! Although the cartoon style dates back a hundred years, it has always remained in tune with the times. Cartoons are fresher than ever following recent digital illustration and 3D trends. 

Cute monster illustration in 3D Cartoon style _a Visual Trend 2023 by Freepik

From 2D cartoon to cartoon 2.0

The history of cartoons goes back to the 1910s, 2D cartoons were intended for an adult audience and addressed themes such as societal issues at the time. We remember the iconic Steamboat Willie, Felix the Cat, and the magnificent Betty Boop. It was not until the late 1960s that the first 3D animated characters, intended for a younger audience, appeared thanks to the use of computers. 

Since the 1990s, 3D characters and animations have been more and more popular. For example, the movie Toy Story made by the Pixar Studio and released in 1995 was a worldwide success. It was the first full-length 3D animated movie. Today, 3D animations and characters are adapted beyond television and cinema screens and are appreciated by a wider audience. We find these designs everywhere, especially where they are not excepted. 

3D Cartoon_a Visual Trend 2023 by Freepik

Dazzling faces make catchy designs

The combination of realistic volumes with cartoon style is now very trendy, it gives a casual and fun touch. Cartoon aesthetics are no longer reserved exclusively for children’s themes, but can be applied to almost any topic. They offer attractive and catchy visuals appreciated by children young and old! As we predicted in our Visual Trends 2023, 3D Cartoons are a big hit! Let’s see why we should keep an eye on them. 

Characters with 3D aesthetics are gaining popularity outside the field of movies and video games: we can see them in ads, fashion, merchandising, social media… They go for cheerful colors, bubbly shapes, and realism is set aside. 

They look like something out of a console or children’s channel from the 80s. Trends from the 80s and 90s are making a huge comeback these years as you can see in our Inspirational Guide with retro neon icons, vintage fonts, templates and pictures inspired by the 80s. As Coco Chanel said, “Fashion comes and goes but style lasts forever.”

3D Cartoon_a Visual Trend 2023 by FreepikThere is no small celebration

Life can be a real rollercoaster and each occasion should be a reason to celebrate: welcoming a new season, living a cultural celebration, embracing changes, enjoying time with our loved ones, and celebrating the small details of our daily life. 3D Cartoons illustrate perfectly the joyful moments of life. 

3D Cartoon characters remind us of kind memories of our childhood with an aesthetic that we used to see in tv programs, video games, and fashion at the time. They also illustrate simplicity as the characters are drawn with simple curves and shapes and have pleasant expressions and friendly faces. 

3D Cartoon_Visual Trends 2023 by Freepik

Freepik’s 3D cartoon collection

We selected a bunch of quality assets to cherish any occasion with joyful and fun 3D cartoons. The collection includes: 

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Add joy to your creations by using the 3D cartoon style and create engaging content for your users.  

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