Photo Trends

This new year, two particularly opposite photographic trends are emerging between fantasy and reality. After two years of restrictions, the desire to capture simple moments without fuss will be in the spotlight. There is also a need to escape where fantasy takes over reality and when the past is the new ultra trend.

We want to travel to an idealized past or futuristic artificial world. Capturing ourselves and our loved ones by highlighting natural bodies and imperfect portraits is a graceful way to create special images. We are picturing ourselves between the simplicity of our everyday life, the happy moments of the past, and a welcoming future. Here we are between the pure and centered self and a fantasy alter ego.

Vector Trends

2023 vector trends are a call for renewal and sustainability. They evoke childhood memories with catchy illustrations and reinforce the design with a strong and unique aesthetic using a more “imperfect” style.

It is a return to the past with a strong appeal to the styles used during the major technological advances at the beginning of the century. This gives a new vision to technology by showing its optimistic beginnings.

These different vector styles introduce ideas by stepping “out of the box” with fun components and catchy color patterns to give a new aesthetic to all kinds of projects.

PSD Trends

With never-seen-before PSD creations inspired by both vintage and modern digital styles, we break the codes and touch the user's sensibility.

This format offers great liberty to push the boundaries of creativity.



Icon Trends

This year's icon trend breaks the rules too. The preference is for catchy and lively icons with motion, strong colors, and a joyful aspect that makes users want to play and explore.

We are moving away from realistic and sophisticated icons, to create icons that push the boundaries of inventiveness offering a vibrant user experience.

Font Trends

To get our message across in 2023, we will choose typefaces with a strong visual identity: from invitations with bold, rounded letters to more sophisticated typefaces with an exclusive style, all these styles will give strength and singularity to your projects!

Vintage and more personal styles are very trendy. They give the impression that the message is addressed in a private way with a delicate touch. Some fonts also remain timeless, such as Comic fronts, ideal for giving a strong visual impact.

3D Trends

Let's check the new styles from another perspective! Whether in art, fashion, video games or web illustrations, 3D design is more and more present.

This gives infinite possibilities for creation, pushing the boundaries of creativity further with very realistic objects and immersive scenery that offer users captivating experiences.

Palette Trends

Color is an essential (if not primary) aspect of the creative process. For next year we have selected the colors that will bring your projects to life.

Inspired by stunning landscapes from the nature around us but also from the digital world with bright and unique color combinations, this year's trends are full of contrasts.

From the neutral tones to the delirious 2.0 colors, find all our 2023 color palettes to make a splash with your creations!

Viva Magenta

Viva Magenta is described as a "brave and fearless red shade". This color is inspired by ancient natural hues such as the red of cochineal and symbolizes the brave new beginnings of the digital world.

It exudes optimism and shows that the unconventional should be treated as a strength, especially after the last three years of the pandemic that have taught us to constantly re-invent ourselves. Discover the Magentaverse now.