In one of our previous publications, we have already spoken about the use of purple color in web design and the effect it has on the audience. Now, let's get concentrated on how to design your site in red properly.

One thing is for sure: most of us don't have great lifestyle habits. Make some of these changes part of your resolutions for 2017!

Will you manage not to spend the next 2 hours looking at cats on the Internet? Best of luck! :)

As the world continues to grow, and new ideas, issues, and technologies are introduced, we are faced with the task of distributing a wide range of information to not only our local towns and communities, but also across the world. There are a variety of ways to communicate this information, but one the more effective tools are infographics.

The best tutorials of this month together for you to enjoy them all at the reach of a click.

Freepik · 2 months ago

Piktochart is all about infographics and so the following points will be about the various diversified steps of how to make an infographics?

Andrea Ross · 2 months ago

Sometimes we need to communicate difficult information or that might seem boring at first, but if we put it inside an inphographic we can make it more appealing. By the use of graphics, icons or even illustrations we can present the information in a clear way, making reading way easier to understand and retain. So today, we are going to learn how to create a numeric inphographic which we will use to get a clear vision of a theme. So let’s get started!

While your favorite color doesn't exactly mean that you have that personality, it could be true that choosing to use a certain color might make you feel a certain way.

Are you a numbers or people person? If you are neither, maybe you'd rather work on the computer as a programmer or draw for hours as a graphic designer! :)

From the first SMS, sent in 1992, to how bacon emojis (yes, Unicode, you still owe that to us!) can't make standard texting disappear.

All of these sayings are related to money and finances, and it's funny to see how different countries have different approaches to express the same ideas!

Many people are probably already doing good and can tell toxic relationships from healthy ones on their 20s. Everyone grows at their own pace!