We live in interesting times indeed, where the use of technological tools enable people to share, engage and communicate with each other. Concurrently, there is a growing need to adopt a holistic approach of how organizations operate in an ever-changing external environment.

Logomaker, the logo creator website, has published a useful guide so that you can see what these big logo changes were about!

Terence Eudarte has embarked on a 100-day project, in which he is illustrating portraits of people only asking for a deep secret in exchange.

The video, called "Disillusionment of 10 point font", gives off a vibe of nostalgia while the words dance and play on the screen for the duration of it.

From Sailor Moon's Luna to a David Bowie-sque cat (including a tiny "caticorn"), she creates tiny figurines that are split in two for the earlobes.

The ingredient that has made this color possible is the same that has been used in black ice cream (which became a trend earlier this month): activated charcoal.

There's plenty of fish in the sea, and this also applies to clients: you shouldn't hold on to a project that is making you extremely unhappy.

His photographs taken during the 4-day trip to Disneyland turned out really beautiful, but somewhat melancholic and even lonely, at times.

"Gijinka" is a Japanese term used in the artist community to indicate when someone draws the human form of an animal, object or imaginary being!

Her art gives off a sense of peace and stillness, but you can see how alive these stones become after going under her magic skills.

Color chips are used to explain that if a language has a limited number of words for colors, the most elemental are always the same ones, in the same order.

Olly Gibbs, a graphic designer, has gone to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and taken a few photos of the paintings to give them a smile filter.