With the arrival of September, school is starting and Summer is ending, so everyone is probably getting back to their usual routines and preparing projects!

In a Heartbeat is one of the most watched videos of the moment. But how did this piece of animation and the concept behind it originate?

In the world of graphic design, there are tons of terms that look so similar they become interchangeable. There are also words that don’t look similar, but are related; so they also get used interchangeably. In order to be a great graphic designer, you have to know all the jargon and lingo of the craft, right? Well… this may not be completely true.

David Pavon specialized in character design, concept art and illustration. With a background in animation his illustrations are really dynamic!

Freepik has launched a new system for contributors to upload their content very easily. You just have to head over to the new Contributor site to get started!

Bloomicon is one of the contributors that you can find on Flaticon, counting with over 1,400 icons and growing on their profile!

Katemangostar, one of Freepik’s top contributors, is a designer and photographer who has managed to turn her passion for design into a source of income.

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Tutpad · 3 weeks ago

The main purpose of any portfolio type is to fully present an author’s creative potential and approach to clients and employers. Creative potential includes skills level and quality, personal experience, the amount of completed projects. But, the most important thing that each designer has to be characterized by within his/her potential is the uniqueness. Everyone would like to stand out the crowd, have his own opinion, stand his own position. And an online portfolio is exactly the way to do it. Having it each author is free to speak, speak through his/her works, speak by presenting the inner world, imagination and worldview. Such a voiceless but so meaningful conversation will definitely catch an eye of your audience.

Katelyn Wang is a California based photographer that never imagined that she’d be entering the Sony Photography Youth Awards this year, let alone winning!

Filip Hodas knows that some day, our current knowledge of pop culture will become obsolete, and he has created these studies showing a different world.