Video Call Backgrounds: Change Your Meeting’s Look

The year 2020 kept everyone separated. Even though many people thought that 2021 was going to be different, here we are, isolated behind a screen. However, many tools helped us get closer without any kind of risk, such as Zoom and Google Meets. These platforms grew the last (and odds) two years exponentially, turning into some of the most popular in the world.

From schools to huge companies, everybody used them to have videoconferences.

Zoom, for example, is a really simple and practical program that provides users with many useful tools. You can share your screen, presentations, and files and even talk individually with all the participants of each meeting. It gives you many possibilities.

All these sites have unique characteristics. However, none of them can prevent your kids from appearing behind you while being interviewed on tv. Nor can stop people from thinking that a bathroom is a good place to host a business meeting. Yeah, these guys exist.

However, both Zoom and Google Meets offer a really interesting feature. You can change the background image where you will appear. This erases whatever is happening behind you.

Every one of these programs comes with a bunch of images that you can choose from. But, for some reason, millions of users keep using the same old boring backgrounds.

That’s where Freepik comes in handy. We’ve designed a huge collection of unique backgrounds just for you.

Picture yourself having a meeting from Mount Fuji.

Mount Fuji Backgrounds

Or maybe, you would rather have a conference call from a place that has a Japanese city vibe.

Japanese City Backgrounds

We’ve got so many images for you, that the possibilities are endless.

Freepik Backgrounds Collection

What are you waiting for? Pick your backgrounds in our collection now!

How to Change Your Zoom’s Backgrounds?

Do you have the perfect image for your meeting, but you don’t know how to change it? Don’t worry, it’s really simple.

Inside any meeting, press the arrow button next to the camera icon, then press the “Choose virtual background” option.

Change Zoom's Backgrounds

Then, press the “+” button on the right side and select “Add image.”

Change Zoom's Backgrounds 2

To finish, you just need to choose the image you want to set as background from the folder you’ve got it.

Change Zoom's Backgrounds 3

Now you know how to change the background and where to get the best images. You are ready for any meeting you need to host. However, each video conference can surprise you with a weird situation. From pets that walk through the camera, or roommates that start exercising behind a user, without knowing they appear in the background.

Do you know any other cases like these? Tell us in the comments section.