Youtube University: The Best Channels For Designers

You can find everything on Youtube. From the best Korean music videos to video blogs where different screwdrivers get analyzed. It’s so much more than just a platform for videos, Youtube has turned into some sort of school. That’s why we’ve picked a bunch of channels where you can learn new tricks.

Satori Graphics

Graphic designers’ life can be really complicated, especially at the beginning. In this channel, you’ll not just learn about tools and tips from Thomas Cargill; but also you’ll listen to some of his own work experiences.

This British designer has more than 8 years of experience, in which he not only focused on the creative aspect of graphic design but also has shown his passion for communication. That’s why he created this Youtube channel. Also, you can learn more about his job in his personal study portfolio.

This kind of channel is useful both for established professionals and for those who are starting. Some of the most interesting contents are typography and plugins reviews for the most famous design programs.

Another good video, especially for those who are giving their first steps in the freelance world, is this one; where Thomas talks about which are usually the most common mistakes every freelancer does in their beginnings.

Without a doubt, Satori Graphics is an amazing channel for anyone who’s dabbling in the graphic design world.


Videoblogging has become really popular during the last few years.

This kind of content has proven to be really useful to see the everyday life of different types of artists and professionals. For CharliMarieTV (Charli), her contents show you how it is to be a web and graphic designer living abroad.

This New Zealander currently living in Valencia works for a company, however, she sometimes develops different kinds of freelance projects.

The interesting thing regarding her channel is that it not only offers information so you can grow professionally, but it does so showing you the life of someone living in a dissimilar culture.

Every list you can find in this ChaliMarieTV is really well organized. This comes in handy because it lets you access interesting yet diverse topics.

For example, in this line of content, she presents a variety of freelancers of the world that tell their working experiences.

Other lists, on the other hand, try to teach you how to use Figma and Sketch. Both are some of the most useful tools for any designer and in her videos, she’ll give you a preview so you can use them in case you don’t know them.

So there you have it. If you want to get under the skin of a graphic designer living in a different culture while improving your skills with different programs; this channel is waiting for you.



As we said, on the internet there are many cool classes and courses. Some for free, some for a certain fee. However in this channel your find such incredible tutorials about programs, apps, tools, illustration, UX design, and well graphic design in general, that you won’t need anything else.

What are you looking for? Some InDesign and editorial design heads-up? Great, here you’ll find the right list for you.

Needing someone who can teach you how to improve your Illustrator skills and upgrade your logo design game? Search no more, here you have some videos that fit your needs.

In case you need more information about photography, illustration, or even drawing tips, also you’ll find them in YesI’mADesigner.

This is a really complete Youtube channel, and it has so much updated content. In fact, they also review all the new tools and apps.

If you need to perfect your skills in a dynamic and fun way, this channel deserves you to hit the subscription button and activate the notifications.

Will Paterson


Imagine having access to great reviews of programs, platforms, design theories in general, and also have the possibility to show your work to your teachers so they can correct it.

These are some of the things you can find on Will Paterson’s Youtube channel. Besides offering videos where he teaches with humor, he also analyzes the logos his followers share. So he can give personalized feedback.


The Futur


UX Design. These two words have turned into pillars of the web design world.

This Youtube channel created by different professionals aims to offer and train people from all over the globe in the world of UX design. They not only create videos teaching certain skills regarding this subject, but they also interact with followers through live sessions in order to give professional insights on their projects.

On the internet, there are many sites and accounts that can help you improve your designer abilities. However, the secret to acquiring new skills relies on practice (if you don’t believe us, read about JuanSinMiedo). Besides learning and getting new knowledge, you need to have awesome resources for your projects, and what better places to get them, than on Freepik and Flaticon?

Do you have any other Youtube channel suggestions? Tell us in the comments section below!