Visual Trends 2022 Collections You Cannot Miss

Graphic design and art are constantly changing. Every year, new trends lead the way for new and popular styles and aesthetics. You can discover what to expect for 2022 in our Visual Trends, but in this article, we’ll review a short selection of the most highlighted collections.

Photo Collection: Skin To Skin

Getting reunited again will be one of the most awaited challenges we will face after such difficult times. Families, couples, and friends will be the main figures of these images. Photographs will be witnesses of these special moments that for sure will be trending in 2022.

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Vector Collection: Traditional Cartoon

We’ve all grown up watching cartoons on TV. Some of them belong to the golden age of animation. This year, one of the main trends for vectors will consist of paying homage to these characters. The main characteristics of the Traditional Cartoon style are the use of bright and vibrant color palettes. These designs will feature cheeky and highly expressive characters.

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Mockup Collection: Nature

Another theme that will be repeated all over 2022 will be the fight for ecological and environmental causes. Mother Nature will be present in all design projects, even in mockups. Details from nature like tree trunks, leaves, and branches (or their shadows) will blend with the products to offer.

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Icon Collections: Basic Sheer Flat

The use of color and the reinterpretation of classic graphic styles will give icons a second life. In this case, the use of transparent colors will give the icons a sense of depth and three-dimensionality. Inspired by risograph, icons with overlapping geometric shapes will provide new tones and details.

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Icon Collections: Stickers

Stickers have gained popularity on social media and we use them every day in our messaging conversations, but in 2022, they will even contribute to the design world. Thanks to their versatility, they will work as compositional elements by configuring aesthetic systems.

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