Freebie! Design with a tropical vibe

If there’s one location that everyone recognizes as the perfect place to relax and feel good, it’s the Caribbean. And the fact of the matter is, there is no better lifestyle than the tropical lifestyle!

That’s why we want to offer you a selection of the best resources related to this world, so that you can show off your cool and creative nature in each of your projects. Because what can be better than feeling fresh in humid and hot places?

Tropical Vibes

Natural resources

Plants have a vital role, they give us air, they feed us, they give a home to different tropical animal species, even insects, although I’m still not quite sure of the purpose of certain insects, like mosquitoes. Beyond these ecological purposes, they are also fundamental in a visual sense, and in this collection you’ll find a wide range of photographs to ensure that your projects are full of life.

Use them as a background to your designs, select specific leaves to mask them and decorate your projects, or simply use them as they are, taking advantage of the full quality of our images.

Tropical display

Plants have a particular magic that makes everything look so much better. A room stands out so much more when there are plants or flowers, don’t you think? The same can be said for your projects, particularly if you need to display products. 

Whether you use them as a frame, or even as a pedestal on which to place any kind of object, with these tropical images you can create clean, organized and, above all, eye-catching designs. What are you waiting for? Attract a world of possible buyers now!

Beauty is in the details

This is probably one of the most popular recommendations in the world of design. We’re not saying that a visual should be overly fussy to be more eye-catching, but sometimes, the small things can make a real difference in enhancing an image.

Make the most of our collection and their lush designs; if you look closely, you’ll see the leaves of certain tropical plants.

Digital nature

Vector illustration is probably one of the most important trends in recent years, so we don’t want to miss this opportunity to show you one of Freepik’s most eye-catching collections. Say what? Did you think that because we’re talking about nature, we wouldn’t have a vector selection?

Tropical in capital letters

What style of project do you want to create? If you’re looking for a modest and elegant style, this is the collection for you! Although if you prefer something with a touch more color, or even a psychedelic style, guess where you’ll find it?

Talking about versatile resources, in collections like these you can see the world of possibilities that you’ve no doubt become accustomed to with Freepik.

Illustrations and characters

Vectors are much more than decorative elements used to spruce up any type of project; they can tell stories in a single image. In this case, you can use them to make the most of the color explosion with which they were created. This way, you can add a special touch to all your creations.

Tropical landscapes

While it’s true that the Caribbean has some of the most breathtaking views on the planet, a camera is not the only way to capture them. These illustrations will make you question whether to buy a camera or a graphics tablet before taking your next vacation. 

After reading about all the tropical resources that you’ll find in our collections, we’re sure you feel inspired and raring to get to work. Right? Then let’s get down to it! Download everything you need and unleash your creativity with Freepik.