Keep the champagne bubbles fresh this New Year’s with a free splash of creativity!

What a year it’s been! This special occasion is a chance for all of us to reflect on the good times and the bad as we together hold hands and jump through into the next adventure. It is also a unique moment where the entire world is united under the one thing that is constant, the solar cycle, and you can feel its vibrations under the floorboards as 8 billion of us jump up into the sky as the clock strikes midnight. So there is no doubt that this celebration is particularly special to all of us. And one way to give something back to the mechanics of our universe is to dress it up in spectacular colors, flamboyant fonts, and captivating photography to reflect upon its sheer magnificence.

There are many things the New Year celebrations provide us each year. The fireworks, confetti, the costumes, and of course, the champagne, just to name a few. But it all comes together in a way that reflects a certain style of flamboyance. Here we can discuss what’s behind it all and how you, as a designer, can gain some perspective to up your game in the creative process when creating stunning New Year’s related themes.

What is the New Year’s look?

To good health and prosperity for all! With so much wealth and prosperity available for everyone every New Year, it’s no wonder it boasts of its glamorous image. Striking metallic colors are enough to get the excitement going. A mix of gold, silver, strong blues, and elegant reds are a solid mix that sets the scene for a rather wealthy experience. You can check out more information on such colors in our New Year’s festivity landing page, found in the Festivities Calendar. The atmosphere is just the start. Just wait until you set your eyes on the eloquent variety of typography, or should we say calligraphy, that sets the tone for your garden party invitations. We are all winners at the end of the year, and as we observe these fancy and elaborate New Year’s themes, we can’t help but feel especially prosperous, at least for one night of the year.

How to capture the party vibe in your New Year’s projects

Assets for new year that can elevate your projects to the stars.

It’s a worldwide party, and we should be able to feel that energy in your New Year’s design projects. Using assets found in the Freepik library, you can elevate your projects to the stars, using a variety of elements to produce highly engaging content for audiences to connect.


New Year just wouldn’t be the same without a mind-boggling firework display lighting up the night sky. It’s even become a global competition, which city will deliver the biggest, brightest, and most colorful display of them all! They have become such an icon for the celebration and a must-have for your New Year themes. Whether it’s an image or a vector design, they always make such an impact on your designs, they are also a chance for you to bring diversity to your color palette in a rather explosive way!


Provide a preview of the biggest party of the year using highly engaging Happy New Year HD images. Friends clinking champagne glasses, a new year’s kiss, or perhaps even an enthusiastic jump into the air will provide instant engagement for a good time ahead. Such images can add huge amounts of value to your projects for invitations, social media posts, or a website. Remember to try and incorporate those classic New Year’s colors into the images to follow consistency.

Why not take your own New Year’s pic’s this year?

Well, there is no stopping you, and don’t feel like you are limited to doing so without all the top-of-the-range gear. Phone cameras are getting so good these days that it can be hard to tell the difference sometimes. However, if you’re keen to get your DSLR camera out of its bag, equip some onboard flash and take it to a party or firework display, then get snapping!


Use an ancient form of communication that still works today. Simplified symbols and icons are a fantastic way to communicate effectively, they are also highly entertaining with great success at pulling in an audience. You can find a whole bunch of New Year’s symbols right here on Freepik!

Calendars and Planners for the New Year

Trying to keep organized this year? For many of us, it’s time to plan for the year ahead, and what better way to kick it all off than to create a new customized calendar or planner for 2023! Take lead in making it your very own, incorporating some of the assets shared with you in this article. Perhaps it will encourage you to keep to your New Year resolution promise. Of course, Freepik has made its very own interactive calendar too, providing our community with an in-depth perspective on festivities around the world. Check it out here! And if you want to create your own planner using a very intuitive online editor, you definitely need to give these Wepik templates a go.

Ideas to refine your Social Media posts

Social media chatter is at its all-year peak when it comes to an event like New Year’s

Social media chatter is at its all-year peak when it comes to an event like New Year’s, so taking full advantage of this opportune moment is highly desirable. It, therefore, helps to have a solid idea for your New Year’s social media post. For those lacking the inspiration, it’s good practice to take a look at what’s already out there, perhaps taking some notes from corporate giants. On the other hand, there are hundreds of social media templates available on Freepik to get the ball rolling with your own design.

So what should you include in your New Year’s social media post?


Yes, you are going to need a New Year background to start things off. Picking the right kind of background, whether it’s an image or a vector design, should really set the scene for your composition and catch the attention of an audience. There are hundreds of backgrounds to choose from in the Freepik resource library, bursting with variety.


Designers are the biggest fans of New Year patterns, and for good reason. The idea of repeating interesting shapes can really draw in much-wanted attention, and they look absolutely awesome too. They are helpful in so many ways, filling spaces, supporting a background, or even applying them to typography using clipping masks.


Using New Year elements can bring your social media post to life, creating a more engaging experience for your viewers. Arranging them strategically is very important. Keep in mind that a social media post is a functional piece of design, and the experience viewers have is often the key to its success. Sometimes text can be unreadable when layered on top of overpowering elements. Something to watch out for!


Information is a vital part of your social media post and needs to serve its function as best as possible. The text should be clear and easy to read. This doesn’t necessarily mean making it bigger. In fact, smaller text looks a lot neater. Using a san serif font is most common amongst designers, but don’t feel like you should limit yourself. Placing your text strategically and away from noisy backgrounds will give clarity to your vital information. We want your viewers to read with ease. Check out these fonts to get started!

Online editor

An online editor can be a great help for designing your social media posts. Wepik offers a wide range of ready-to-edit templates with trendy aesthetics for every social media platform. This editor gives you the chance of changing the fonts, size, colors, and even backgrounds to get the perfect media post.

What other applications are a common sight for New Year’s?

Font styles and Typography, setting the tone for the New Year

There is a sense of tradition when it comes to choosing a font for your custom-themed New Year’s projects.

This prosperous event deserves a finely tuned delivery, using classy font styles to balance out your composition. There is a sense of tradition when it comes to choosing a font for your custom-themed New Year’s projects. And one that never seems to shake off is the use of handwritten or calligraphy-styled typography. Often tinted in metallic gold or silver, they provide an exclusive feel against contrasting backgrounds or, in some cases, layered over a background image. New Year’s is all about the finer details, and incorporating such extravagance in your typographical style will elevate your designs dramatically.

Text effects

If you really want to wow the crowd for this New Year’s celebrations, then maybe you should check out these next-level text effects! These typographical marvels push the boundaries of what’s possible, creating intrigue amongst audiences. 3D lettering, incredible shading, and gradients, these letters are jumping out the page to make your New Year’s something to shout about!

If you have the skills, you can even make subtle changes to them. Open up the New Year PSD file in Photoshop and have fun editing the background, elements, and text layers to suit your own style.

New Year’s is always an exciting time for designers to brush up on their skills, pushing boundaries in the pursuit of recognition, whether it’s photography, vector design, or anything you can think of. Maybe this is your year! From all of us at Freepik, we wish you the very best in 2023! And as we want you to have a good start to the year, Freepik is offering a package of free premium assets, just for you. This freebie contains:

  • 50 icons to celebrate New Year: inside you’ll find, among others, invitations, bells, stars, firecrackers, or even cakes, just to name a few. They come in three different styles.
  • 10 different photos with champagne glasses, Christmas decorations, and some gifts.
  • 5 PSDs that you can easily edit using Photoshop.
  • 5 vectors with delightful designs to be used as you please.

Cheers for another year together–we have forever forever to go!