Top 5 Templates for a Thesis Defense

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A thesis is long piece of writing about a particular topic or subject. It is usually done to get one of the highest degrees, such as a master’s degree or a PhD. Once it is completed and handed out, you need to defend it in front of a committee in order to demonstrate what you have learned about that field of study.

If it’s your turn to defend your thesis, here’s a selection of five templates for Google Slides and PowerPoint that will grant you success when presenting your dissertation.

Ecology Thesis

Is your work about ecology, nature or the environment? Then, these slides will be so much inspiring. It’s a creative design full of landscape illustrations related to flora and fauna.

This template combines white and blue with yellow to help you highlight the most important concepts. There are some slides containing infographics, diagrams and even world maps to support your ideas and data.Ecology Thesis Presentation You can download the Ecology Thesis slide deck for free and use it for your presentation. The members of the committee will be amazed!

Use of Technology Thesis

Technology is one of the most relevant topics in today’s world. It never stops evolving and becoming an essential part of our daily lives. This template will give your presentation a more “techie” vibe.Use of Technology Thesis by Slidesgo

Its palette revolves around the blue color, a true representative of security and confidence. It uses many illustrations of robots, devices, assembly lines, gears and other elements that contribute to a nice tech look.

For a better representation of your text, there are some slides designed as computer windows. Couple this with a futuristic-looking typography and you get some visuals totally tied to the topic.

Download the Use of Technology Thesis and use it in Google Slides and PowerPoint. It’s totally editable and easy to modify.

Child Care Thesis

Have you made a dissertation about education and, more specifically, child care? This next deck is the perfect choice for your defense. It has some visually attractive slides and a very characteristic style.

Take a look at the images: don’t you think the backgrounds look like outer space? That is achieved thanks to the use of two tones of blue and some illustrations of planets and stars. Besides, our cartoon-styled depiction of kids ties in with the rest of the design.

You can use the infographics and the diagrams included to represent your methodology or the results of your research. This way, you can put an emphasis on important information. Don’t forget about the graphs and the tables either!

Since teachers need all the help they can get, try this Child Care Thesis template for your dissertation.

Natural Science Thesis

This presentation is elegant and stylish, and has been devised for topics related to Natural Science. It contains illustrations of beautiful plants, birds and butterflies, which makes it suitable to talk about biology, entomology or geoscience.

The typography is quite formal, and some of the graphic resources use a watercolor effect. This makes it very easy to integrate your text within the rest of the elements present in the slides.

You’ll probably have complex data too. That’s why there are diagrams, helping you organize everything and show the information in an understandable way for the audience.

Get this Natural Science Thesis template and watch the committee admire your slides.

Teaching Methods Thesis

There’s an important challenge in education: to try to adapt the teaching methods to the students, to choose the most adequate strategy to facilitate learning, and to see what the best way to learn is at all times. If your thesis talks about this matter, this template is what you’re looking for:

The slides have several pictures of happy kids and a color palette based on soft hues of green, a color tied to serenity, safety and determination. This combination acts as a visual aid for your data.

Make the most of the bar charts and the timelines to show precise information and combine that with some icons. We’re sure you’ll be able to convey everything to the audience with no problems.

If you want to use the Teaching Methods Thesis template, download it and discover its nice slides, icons, pictures and resources. They’re all great!

These are just five of the most popular slide decks for a thesis defense, but we have many more. Have a look around and see if you can find the one that fits your to

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