Top 3 friendship presentations

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Friends are the family you choose, and friendship is a special kind of relationship with people who are there in good times and bad, who advise you, support you and encourage you to pursue your goals. That’s why today we want to pay tribute to them, to true friends. 

If you also want to show them how much you care about them, check out our top 3 friendship templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides.

Top 3: Golden friendship day

As the name suggests, a good friendship is worth gold, so take the opportunity to tell your best friend how much you love them or thank them for something important they have done for you.

Golden Friendship Day by Slidesgo

This presentation is perfect for any occasion: as a birthday surprise, as a wedding toast, as a relationship workshop…. The slides include a variety of photos of happy friends, which you can replace with your own, for a more personal touch.

Golden Friendship Day by Slidesgo (1)

It has a creative and modern style, with touches of colors that bring brightness to the presentation. In addition, all the resources are editable, so you can choose your favorite colors to give it a special touch.

Golden Friendship Day by Slidesgo (2)

Download the free Golden friendship day template now and easily customize it in Google Slides or PowerPoint.

Top 2: Best friends day activities

Work, studies, commitments… Sometimes, the routine and day-to-day activities leave us little time to enjoy a good friendship, so why not organize a weekend to catch up and enjoy together?

Best Friends Day Activities by Slidesgo

In this premium template you will find different ideas to spend a wonderful day. How about starting with a relaxing session to leave the daily stress behind?

Best Friends Day Activities by Slidesgo (1)

If your friend likes good food, why not surprise them by preparing their favorite meal? You can even make it together. Have you already thought about who will be the chef and who will be the cook?

Best Friends Day Activities by Slidesgo (2)

These and many other ideas await you in the Best friends day activities template. Ready to spend an unforgettable day celebrating friendship?

Top 1: Nice friends IG square posts

Social networks have become the preferred communication channel to communicate with our loved ones, so what better way to show them your affection than posting it on Instagram.

Nice Friends IG Square Post by Slidesgo

In the Nice friends IG square posts template you have at your disposal more than thirty slides in square format, ready to edit to your liking and upload them to the social network.

Nice Friends IG Square Post by Slidesgo (1)

On the other hand, they are also an excellent option if you have a company and want to promote your team or give them special recognition.

Nice Friends IG Square Post by Slidesgo (2)

We have as well included other resources, such as budget slides, timelines, objectives or buyer persona, so this presentation is also an original way to present a proposal to your client.

If you liked our proposals, visit Slidesgo to see more alternatives of friendship templates for Google Slides and PowerPoint, because, you know what they say: “He who has a friend, has a treasure”, so take care of them!

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