When design meets the beautiful game

Soccer in the States. Football to the rest of the world. You know. A grass pitch, two goals, one ball, eleven against eleven and Germany always wins, etc.

In addition to being the sport par excellence, soccer’s omnipresence and its special jargon permeates every area of life… And soccer is also tens of thousands of avid spectators in the stands and millions of potential consumers on the couch, on the other side of the screen.

That’s football – a business that creates trends, moves dizzying figures and, with them, the passions of the world.

From time to time these passions, which crystallize in the devotion to your side’s or national team’s colors and crest, undergo subtle tweaks or risky image changes. The designers’ work is delicate because the material in question is highly sensitive – whether it’s the simplest emblem, or anything from the most complete graph designed to present complex information, to the most carefully designed editorial products.

The shade of a T-shirt or the motifs on a crest are true icons for a team’s followers, who celebrate them like a religious experience. Their update is only accepted in terms of certain milestones set by the strict calendar, such as the start of the regular season or, most important of all, the celebration of the World Cup.

And that’s exactly where we are now.

The world of soccer, and in parallel the world of design, is experiencing a kind of stage fright before the premiere. Aware of the huge number of matches in play and the demanding eyes of loyal and motivated customers, the creative pieces are being updated and dressed up while the players who will wear or carry them are putting on their shorts.

At Freepik we’ve got our football kit set out and we’re ready for the event with a side that includes three new stars in our starting eleven: three exclusive collections with resources 100% related to the Qatar World Cup.

Let’s discover in detail – in other words, match by match – these Premium resources…

Editable templates with vectors 

free resources to celebrate Qatar 22 World Cup

Nothing is as engaging as organizing the groups competing in the first elimination phase and the arrangement of the matches in their groups as the tournament progresses. The route that your team will follow until it occupies the place of honor of the final box could perhaps be shown louder, but definitely not more clearly. The templates that we’ve got for you offer a visual tour as clear as the competition will be exciting.


The passion that this sport that has become such a massive spectacle transmits can be felt everywhere. On the field of play, on the pitch, in the locker rooms, on the bench… But also, and especially, in the stands, in the streets and in the bars and homes where we gather to share all the excitement. For each scenario, for each occasion, we have designed this collection of images that symbolize the intangible emotion soccer brings.

Vectors, illustrations and backgrounds

Our third starring player in the game is this exclusive collection of vectors, backgrounds and illustrations called to the pitch to ignite in you the passion of your team’s colors. Its main virtue is its repertoire of creative pieces, with different themes and approaches. But like any great player, this collection offers enough versatility to adapt to every situation and can become either your project’s best performer or just a solid member of the team that does what’s necessary when it’s called upon. Just like on the playing field.

And as a free bonus…   

In case the excitement ratchets up a notch and the game goes into extra time, we’ve prepared a plan B for you: a whole selection of FREE Premium resources (yay!) to ensure you reach the final stretch full of strength and can celebrate the World Cup with every chance of winning.

Our collection of freebies feels the colors of the shirt as much as you do and is there waiting orders from the Coach so you don’t stop creating even when your legs (or eyelids) start to get tired.

Take a look at this lineup of Premium resources that we’ve got for you so the World Cup can be felt in all your designs:


The freebie includes two ready-to-use images: the detail of a spectacular shot on goal and an original 3D composition with the trophy and a soccer boot.

Editable templates

A set of nine original templates in the same style. Use them to develop stunning creative pieces, the sort that will get you fans on social media… They’re editable in psd.


Two vector collections. One offer four different crest designs to get the latest in football strip. The other is a large series of illustrations with a nice retro touch that includes fans cheering and celebrating in the stands with the indispensable accessories and complements: flags, caps, scarves, loudspeakers, etc.

But whatever you do, remember that soccer isn’t really a matter of life and death – as someone who, logically, has been focused on this project says… It’s even more important!

We’re telling you this because if this jewel serves to give you a similar feeling of pride in your design profession and helps you in your tasks, we consider our mission accomplished.

If you want to take advantage of the incredible variety of resources that Freepik offers, with no limits and throughout the season, go Premium for less than you’d think. And remember, with your Freepik Premium subscription you now also have access to all of Flaticon.