Quote That! Amazing Lettering Collection

The best way to start a new year is with energy, with positive thoughts. And there’s no better way to do so, than by getting motivated and inspired. Our secret, relying on some amazingly-looking, colorful quotes.

On average, every person on Instagram spends around 30 minutes a day scrolling posts and stories on their phone. Many of them will stop scrolling when they see a quote graphic that calls their attention. Bonus points if the message resonates with them. If they really like it, they’ll share it in their stories. No wonder so many people share quotes, there are even accounts that ONLY share quotes.

The motivational quote phenomenon on social media isn’t a new thing. You might remember the motivational posters from the 80s and 90s — if you’re old enough. You know the ones, with the mountains and quote underneath it. Plus, surely you’ve seen a quote on a tea bag or under a bottle cap in the last week or two.

Well, all that is the same phenomenon. Actually, it’s not a phenomenon at all. It’s actually simply human psychology. People go through things, nobody is immune to tough times. The thing is that some of them share their views with others. That’s where quotes come from, the human essence of understanding, cognition, analysis, and philosophy. Most specifically; writers, authors, philosophers, thought leaders, and yes, even copywriters.

Then there are the ones that see these quotes and feel seen, understood like they have to type,“so true” in the comments section. You know which ones they stop scrolling the most on? The ones that look eye-catching, colorful, fun, and interesting, worth sharing.

On this note, we present to you the Freepik Quote That collection. Over 130 short — and extremely relatable — quotes in colorful hand-lettered designs. Perfect for Instagram, merchandise, greeting cards, stickers, t-shirts, the list goes on.

Here are a few of our favorite Premium quotes from the collection.

Everything will be ok

Few times in history does the entirety of the world’s population have to go through the same ordeal at the same time. This quote will resonate with everyone, no matter where they stand. Everyone wants to believe that it’s all going to be ok! 

If you’re using this quote for your own brand, download the EPS file and change some colors to match your brand. If you’re using it for a client, do the same for them. For things like stickers, cards or merchandise you’d like to sell, do whatever you want!

Good things take time

Similar to the quote, “Good things come to those who wait,” this is all about patience. Everyone needs a little patience at some point in their life. From waiting for the Pomodoro to cook fully to the animation to render. It’s during these times that this quote resonates. It’s a no-brainer, and you’re guaranteed to reach people right in the feels.

What the F?

Seriously though, WTF! 

Did you know that motivational and swear word coloring books for adults are among the most popular? Why do you think that is? Because they’re funny, relatable, make people giggle and feel warm inside. What could be better than a quote that says “What the Fuck?” than one with cute designs? Nothing. It’s that simple.

Home is where the Wifi Connects Automatically

Ever been somewhere with your laptop or phone — that ran out of data — and the Wi-Fi is nonexistent, or it’s a hassle to find the password? Yea, you’re not the only one. So many people will resonate with this quote, it’s ridiculous. On the flip side, once you go somewhere enough times, your devices WILL connect automatically. That’s why remote workers feel so comfortable in their favorite coffee shops and nomads in their month-long Airbnb rentals.

Good art inspires, good design motivates

This one’s for you, designers. Share your love for design with your audience and make a point of explaining your personal vision. Take the opportunity to share your values and Big Why behind why you work in design. Because it’s true, this quote as text instead of a graphic would not be as impactful — or motivational — as it is in this design.

Your Turn

What’s your take on using quotes on social media and physical products? Do you like it, or do you think it’s an offhand, easy content filler? Well, we think that as long as every quote is accompanied by a story, be it a social media caption, email text, or handwritten note inside a card, it will make an impact. 

Which of the quotes in the Quote That collection is your favorite?
Remember that if you have a free account, you only have permission to use the free quotes, and you have to give credits when you share it. A Premium subscription gives you access to all quotes and liberal use of them for whatever you want.

Have fun and see you next time!