Presenting Stories by Freepik

This year Freepik Company marks its 10th anniversary. When we are so grateful for the journey, we will not stop there and always be working towards improving our services and user experience. One of Freepik’s core values has always been innovation, finding unusual and creative solutions, and challenging ourselves.

We aim to help designers make their daily tasks easier and aid other creatives to introduce high-quality visual assets to their projects. Therefore, we wanted to create a tool that will help you to illustrate an idea, visually convey the message, and make your designs stand out. 

To improve your Freepik experience and give you more applications to work and create with, we started planning a new project. The idea was to provide top-notch illustrations without any cost, adding an option to customize them directly in the browser, and apply animation.  So, after all the time of planning, testing, and preparing, we are proud to present to you: Stories by Freepik

Stories by Freepik

Stories are collections of free illustrated concepts that you can customize, animate, and download in different formats to use in any kind of project. These curated materials are brought to you by Freepik’s finest designers, images that picture all sorts of useful concepts and situations. Use them on your landing pages, social media posts, in presentations- anything you want to give a fresh twist to. In addition, they are customizable and available in different styles, so you make sure they match your brand identity. 

Most importantly, to edit or animate them, you don’t need any specialized knowledge or software, you can easily tailor these illustrations directly in the browser and give them the desired look in seconds. 

illustrations by freepik

How it works

First, choose the concept that suits your project. Then, select one of four illustration styles:

Rafiki – Clean flat illustrations. These will be perfect for any project, thanks to their versatility.
Bro – Flat linear shapes with a retro touch. This style will add a nice twist to your project.
Amico – Isometric illustrations with a fresh perspective. Definitely, a great choice if geometrical shapes you’re after.
Pana – A fresh flat style with hand-drawn details. Pana will help to jazz up any project or idea of yours.

Once you are set with style, edit the color, remove the layers you don’t need, play with the background. After you are happy with the result, download the illustration as an SVG or PNG image. 

illustration styles

Animate it!

Certainly, animation is a great way to enhance and add some life to your projects. With our illustrations, you can create awesome animations in seconds. You can do it with only one part of the illustration or all them choosing an effect for the entrance and looping. Moreover, you can select the duration of the effect and the delay.

Create your stunning animation joggling with the effects or simply click “Randomize!” to see one of the ready to use animations from our team.

When you are satisfied with an animation you’ve put together, export it as a Download Code, GIF image, or Video. With the last two formats, you are free to choose the size, background color, and type of animation.

animated illustrations


Stories by Freepik is a free tool and it is available to all users. It is a collection of illustrations made by talented designers and with Freepik quality stamp. Above all, Stories will make your presentation, landing page, app, or a Social Media post stand out!

Create your story and share it with us here or on Social Media using #storiesbyfreepik.

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