Photography Roadtrip by Freepik

The world is a beautiful place

Mother nature gives us seas, waterfalls, some snowy mountains, and others made of sand. She gives us open spaces, and others so narrow and hidden that you must dive through caverns just to catch a glimpse of them. Places that deserve to be captured in photographs.

If you prefer cities, years of evolution have brought with them places as developed as Tokyo, Los Angeles, London, Madrid and many others.

The world is a beautiful place and more so during the quarantine because ever since we cannot visit them, they seem even more attractive to us.

Ever since we can’t travel, we look at these places with different eyes. Those lands that never would pop in our minds now have turned into jewels that look so appealing to us.

Our screens have transformed into windows to the world.

After having opened ours, we realized something: it’s really hard to find good curated pictures of landscapes and different lands.

That’s why we’ve launched…

Photo Roadtrip by Freepik



Beaches, seas, mountains, good old lifestyle. The question shouldn’t be “where do we start?” but “why didn’t we come up with starting in this place first?”

Just imagine the first pictures from places like the beautiful wonderful town of Cazorla. Located in the province of Jaen. Not only famous for its landscapes, but also for the history that places like the Yedra Castle (or “The Castle of the Four Corners) holds.


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Then a little bit of trekking through the Borosa river, a place that not many people know, but those who do, will forever remember.

Some views from Tabernas to recharge energy, and connect with the energy of the mountain and be impressed with some of its views.

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Then a bit of snow.

We’ll visit Sierra Nevada, one of the greatest mountains of all Occidental Europe, for some cold weather. So bring your scarfs and prepare yourself for some incredible sights and heights as well, maybe some skiing also.

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And for the grand finale, a trip through Nerja. You know, after some cold, there’s nothing better than some beaches, sand, and sun.
A beautiful town with crystal clear waters and perfect weather every single day of the year.

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This is just the beginning. Like we said, the world is beautiful and kind of big, that’s why, we will tour through every little corner of it. All of this, so you can find in Freepik the best content for your projects.

Start the Photography Roadtrip! We’ll update regularly this incredible collection with awesome new pictures.

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