Designing made simpler with Freepik Mockup generator

We’re proud to introduce our free online Mockup generator. This new tool will help you simplify your design workflow and create close-to-real-life digital representations of your ideas faster and with optimal precision.

Mockups in a nutshell

If you’re not familiar with this term, a mockup is an artistic rendering of a design or a product that shows an idea in action. It can be a model, an image, or a scene of a proposed design or a product. There are many exciting aspects to take into account when working with mockups. Check this what is a mockup? article to find out more.

Why do I need the Freepik mockup generator?

There are many mockup generators around, but here is what you will love about ours and why we believe it will make a difference to choose it over many others.

With the Freepik Mockup generator, you can edit mockups easily and fast in the browser without having to install any specific software, like Adobe Photoshop, for example, or pay any extra money to use it. With a user-friendly, browser-based interface, you can explore a diverse and professionally curated library of mockups neatly organized into 4 categories: Apparel, Devices, Print, and Packaging. Plus, what sets our mockup generator apart is the unwavering commitment to quality, offering mockups with a remarkable 5K resolution all in one place.

How do I use it?

Mastering our generator is pretty easy; you just need to follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Explore our ever-growing library and select your desired mockup.
  2. Click on the editable areas.
  3. Import or drag your image from your device.
  4. Position your image as you like.
  5. Download your mockup in JPEG or PNG formats with a crisp 5K resolution.

Watch this video if you prefer having a visual reference.

Professional-grade results

Back in the day, only professionals or complex editing software could achieve similar results. With the Freepik mockup generator, each model is expertly crafted with intelligent layering, making your designs look incredibly lifelike in stunning 5K resolution.

Mockup texture

The mockup generator made for everyone

You don’t need specific skills to use our Mockup generator. If you’re working on a campaign, it will just take you a few clicks to add your logo and see your product coming through. Suppose you’re designing some items of clothing, some new packaging, or new covers. In any of these cases, our mockup generator will help you skip endless revisions of prototypes and help you build confidence to ask for the feedback you need to finalize your projects. It really is a tool designed to assist you in working better and more efficiently.Mockup categories

Diverse mockups for thousands of ideas

Mockups serve various purposes; they’re very handy for communicating your design ideas to others and asking for feedback. They’re also very useful for product designers and developers when testing the usability and presentation of a product, for example. Startups and entrepreneurs who need a cost-effective way to visualize their ideas can use our mockup generator to present their concepts in a professional and visually appealing way.

Mockups become essential when you need to save money and time in the design process. When working with them, you can easily identify what needs improvement at an early stage of the design process and shorten the revision timing.

Over 65% of the world identifies as visual learners. This means that creating a visual aid, such as a free mockup to share your ideas and products, is a great idea. We know that you’re always on the lookout for a new theme, logo, image, and design that represents you or your product. Our categories have been created to help you find and spread your voice and ideas efficiently and fast. So, if you want to create a mug that makes your bestie smile when sipping on a coffee, a baseball jersey that reminds you of an epic game, or a cute sticker on your Mac Book, now you can do so; you just need our mockup generator.

Mockup GIF

Now over to you

Just to sum up, using our mockup generator, you will be able to:

  • Access an online and free tool without previous expertise.
  • Simplify your design process and help everyone else visualize your end goal.
  • Customize your products for target audiences every time you want.
  • Download and share your designs in stunning 5K resolution.

Now that you know why our mockup generator is better than others, don’t wait another minute.

Try it now