In Motion – Visual Trends

Photos in motion are all the rage for 2022. They’re fun, exciting, and bring just the energy we need for a new year. Catching subjects in midair is a photographic technique that involves increasing the shutter speed, opening the aperture more, or increasing the ISO speed. 

To create photos that have the subject in focus against a blurred background, you’ll have to learn to pan the camera. This is a technique that involves you following the moving subject while keeping it in focus. Panning is a cinematic technique that is also used in still photography, specifically for photography in motion.

Are you looking for photos in motion to use in your design projects? We’ve put together a collection of the best photography in motion in the Freepik gallery. Here’s a selection of images to inspire you in 2022.

  1. In Motion – On Water
  2. In Motion – On Wheels
  3. In Motion – In the Air

In Motion – On Water

Catching water in motion through photography is almost like catching magic in action. Waves in motion are symbols of the constant flow of energy and the fluidity of life itself. They remind the viewer of the sound of waves crashing on the shore and bring back that feeling of peace. 

People and children splashing in the water are a visual representation of the pure happiness of summer. Sun shining on moving water is a vibrant and energy-inducing visual that inspires positive change. 

Use water photos in motion for making design projects that relay a message of positivity and uplifting spirits. Other uses include travel magazines and brochures for leisure companies offering activities at the beach or in pools.

In Motion – On Wheels

In motion wheels

There’s no better way to visualize the hustle and bustle of a lively city than with photography in motion of cars, buses, and other vehicles. Do you want designs that are “going somewhere” with a clear message? Try adding a photo in motion of a bike messenger, or groups of cars moving along a highway leaving trails of red and white lights.

For more adventurous or athletic messaging about physical activity or sports, use photos in motion of people rollerblading in skate parks with ramps. Other options include BMX bikes doing tricks or speeding up to do a jump.

Wheels and circles represent the constant motion and cycles seen in life. When the wheels and circles are in movement, it further emphasizes this symbolism.

In Motion – In the Air

In motion air

Photos of subjects mid-jump or mid-trick (on skateboards, rollerblades or bikes) are a great resource for expressing an uplifting message. As one of the symbols of the four earthly elements in alchemy, air is the representation of communication, knowledge, learning, and thinking. 

Visuals of people in midair are the perfect choice for design projects that have to do with physical activity, sports, and athletic pursuits. Additionally, with subjects in the midst of an activity like running or dancing, the simple act of jumping can represent happiness and a forward outlook on life.

Over to You

In our Visual Trends report for 2022, we included photos in motion as one of the trends for the photography space. Our collection includes a large variety of images for you to use in your design projects. 

If you’re a photographer, consider focusing more on this type of photography, expanding your portfolio to cover the demand for these visuals. 

2022 is going to be the year of big changes and renewed lifestyles. Humanity is in motion, but still reeling from the pandemic, and it’s our job as visual communicators to spread a feeling of positivity in movement. 

Join us and share the energy for a better future.