Celebrate Geek Pride with this special Freebie

The month of May brings flowers, outdoor plans and reasons to proudly show those passions that make you different. That’s right, in May we celebrate Geek Pride Day.

At Freepik we are not going to hide our enthusiasm for the date and for everything that surrounds this movement. And we are so happy that the day is approaching that we have become very generous. That’s why our team has selected a special collection of premium resources for the occasion, which you can download for free with just one click right now. 

The package includes 5 PSD collections with different styles and graphics, each with their own adaptations within the same style. We want you to be able to create rich content with them, with plenty of life, and lots and lots of possibilities. Below we detail each of these collections. But first, let’s remember the origin of this date and why it’s one of the anniversaries that we like to highlight at Freepik. 

Geek Pride Day began to be celebrated in Spain in 2006 and soon spread to the United States and the rest of the world. The date, May 25th, was not chosen at random: it corresponds to the day Star Wars came into our lives. On May 25, 1977, the inhabitants of Earth would learn for the first time about the events that took place a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. On that day, Star Wars premiered in the US, and popular culture was changed forever. A phenomenon was born that would unite fans all over the world and that has continued to grow to this day.

Since it was founded, Geek Pride Day has been celebrated every year with the aim of proudly displaying the passions of those who have very specific and particular tastes. Who doesn’t have a passion that moves them beyond the rational? It’s a perfect occasion to recreate these fantasy worlds and enjoy them to the full, whatever universe you like the most: literature, comics, cinema, television, games, music, animation…  

We won’t ’hide it – at Freepik we know a lot about such things, and we love to create and recreate these fantasy scenarios to make them available to anyone who is looking for them, through our resources. 

That’s why we couldn’t help but join in this year’s Geek Pride celebrations, where live face-to-face events are set to return. So we’ve been very generous and our brightest minds have selected this great set of resources in advance, so you can use them to: communicate your actions for this day, demonstrate what defines you as a geek, share facts about this event, or whatever it is that you want to do. If you have in mind to organize a special event or campaign, don’t miss out on this. 

This is a very special freebie, with a lot of premium resources that you can download for free as an exception. Let’s get to the point. This is what you will find in the download: no less than 5 PSD template designs with different styles, each of them with different adaptations. You’ll be able to use them in your social media posts for the date, presentations, promotions… wherever you need them! Let’s tell you about each of the styles.

Geek Party

If you’re planning a geek party, this template will serve as an invitation and also as a reminder. The PSD includes 9 versions of the image to make it totally versatile. 

Geek Pride

Geek Pride Day is all about recognition and celebration. This template and its adaptations show different people doing what they love. Edit it however you like – why not even include your photo to introduce yourself and show your geeky side? 


Anyone with a geeky side is in possession of a treasure. And that’s just what we think of this template with its retro inspiration, vintage flat color palette and illustrations of what makes us belong to and enjoy the geek world. 

Geek life is a game

This collection of illustrated templates is inspired by classic games and consoles. Dedicated to all those who enjoy immersing themselves for hours in worlds where the most important thing is to have fun. Not a bad plan, is it?

Last game

This final template is perfect for replicating the messages that keep the geek community together. Choose the one that best represents you or customize the message to show your pride. 

Download this collection of 5 sets of templates now with just one click and use them in your social networks or wherever you want. And if you want unlimited access to special resources all year long, go Premium at very low cost. Happy Geek Pride!