Featured Artist: Sanz i Vila

In the heat of summer, we could feature no other artist than Pau Sanz i Vila, not only because his work is full of references to love, but also because his use of color conjures up images of a beautiful sunset on a summer evening. 

Over the course of his almost 15 years of experience, this illustrator, born in Denia, Alicante, has created work bursting with elements that make it unique, with flat inks, common themes and a highly recognizable color palette. 

Now that we are lucky enough to release an exclusive collection of resources designed by Sanz i Vila himself, we don’t want to miss the opportunity to get to know his work, his creative process and his sources of inspiration. 

One of the things that most stands out about his style is the use of black lines and three colors: pink, yellow and blue. His creations are inspired by pop culture, but also by the kitsch style in general. 

Featured Artist Sanz i Vila

But Sanz i Vila does not only express himself through illustrations, because this illustrator has found another way to tell stories through words. His books deal with everyday stories and experiences that are all about love and relationships, among other things, just like his graphic work. 

 “I have written several books because I wanted to tell personal stories or experiences that were mine, so that was the best option. Even so, illustration has always dominated my books, and I have always strived for a naive and unpretentious approach in my texts. Los novios de Gael and Triamor are and always will be, I guess, the books I most identify with”.

Illustrations with “lots of love”

As we have already mentioned, Sanz i Vila’s work is full of references to love, but true love, the unbiased kind, focused on people and aimed at happiness. 

“I think I understand love just like almost everybody else, but without numerical prejudice. A carnal and emotional connection, based on trust, which offers you support and gives you strength to face your day-to-day life. Beyond this, each family is different and each home is a mystery; I passionately believe that we should be free to love however we want and form our ideal family, as this is something that doesn’t hurt anybody”.

This quest for the freedom to love is reflected in many of the works of this Alicante-based illustrator, in which he fully addresses all types of relationships, without limits

“When I first started to tackle this theme in my work it was more controversial, much less so now, because romantic relationships with more than two people have become popular in television series and movies. However, when I first started to deal with it and I made the book Triamor, there were very few references”.

Pink, blue and yellow

We could say that Sanz i Vila is the king of color, but not just any color. Pink, blue and yellow fill his work in equal measure, which has, in some ways, marked his style, making it highly recognizable to spectators. 

Featured Artist Sanz i Vila

But color is not the only aspect that characterizes his work. As he himself explains, “after a decade, my illustrations are more than just three colors”. No doubt about it! His creations are a demonstration of art in its purest form.  

Flat inks or monochrome textures, simple and harmonious colors, smooth yet irregular black contours, common themes, and even the faces of the characters, who could all perfectly belong to the same family, are all aspects that also represent the work of Sanz i Vila

“For those who are familiar with it, it is recognizable even if the contours are left bare; this has been shown in work that I have created for campaigns and posters in which I have used greens, reds and purples”.

Pop references and the kitsch style

All artists have their sources of inspiration and, in the case of Sanz i Vila, pop culture is present in all his work, particularly Spanish pop. The artistic group, Equipo Crónica, as well as other big artists such as Andy Warhol and Keith Haring have all inspired his style, to some extent. 

Equipo Crónica showed me a different way of understanding pop. Until then, I was familiar with the most popular English or American artists and, as it turned out, I liked this variant, which was much closer to home for me, much more”.

Nevertheless, this illustrator tells us that he is not only inspired by pop, but also the kitsch style in general. 

Featured Artist Sanz i Vila

“In artistic matters, I am not really drawn by the conceptual branch, which neglects esthetics. If I can choose, I prefer the esthetics to the concept; I prefer to discover the latter through books, although I appreciate the reflection generated by this type of work at museums and art fairs”.

Exclusive resources made with love 

After finding out a little more about Sanz i Vila, we’re sure you’re eager to discover the exclusive collection that he has designed for Freepik. Right?

Well, get ready to be showered in love, because these resources include references to almost all the different possible types of love, ranging from Martian love to the type that lifts you up to the moon, making you vibrate in the most unexpected way.

Featured Artist Sanz i Vila

Featured Artist Sanz i Vila

We bet you also have that platonic love in your head and we can’t wait to see it. So, don’t wait too long to download these premium resources that you’ll only find on Freepik and unleash your loving creativity.