Featured Artist: Ilustronauta

Freepik is more than the place to go when you need the most incredible visual resources. You will be constantly inspired by our platform. On our site, pieces from artists and professionals from all around the world come together, just like our Featured Artist of the month: Ilustronauta.

A Matter of Vocation

After each interview we’ve made with our Featured Artists (if you have missed any of them, you can read them here), we have realized that effort and perseverance shape the best artists – though sometimes it is easier for some of them because they were born with a special sensitivity for the art. This is demonstrated by Ilustronauta, a great Peruvian creator: “Like the vast majority, my beginnings took place during my childhood and I remember drawing as a very special moment. When I faced the need to develop a career after uncertain times… and after some bad decisions… that’s when I rediscovered illustration and it slowly turned into the way to earn my living…”

“They usually call me creator, street artist, or the one who makes doodles.”

For outstanding artists like Ilustronauta, inspiration is the most important thing. He lets himself be carried away with the spark within him and then he gives form to his inner ideas. When asking him how he starts a project, he said: “It depends on the type of project to develop. If it’s for a client, my process is way more structured. The important thing is what the piece will transmit. But if it’s for my own, I usually let it flow… inspiration must come while you’re working…”

Talking about inspiration, it is also important to stress from where he gets it. For each artist, it can come from different places, but according to him: “I get inspired everywhere, it can be while I’m walking on the street, reading a book, surfing on the Internet, or watching a movie. In such globalized times, images are an avalanche that boards and overcomes you, that’s why I think that illustrating is a catharsis of what I perceive.”

Ilustronauta Everywhere

Even though Ilustronauta is a graphic designer and illustrator, his pieces are not limited to a screen. The versatility of his arts is what makes him special. He transcends the most traditional formats and explores different platforms.

No matter the project he is working on, he keeps an outstanding level of detail and perfection. Thanks to the experience he had gained and the abilities he has developed, he has become a model artist in Peru. “Materials or tools usually have a similar process. In the beginning, you face lots of difficulties when using them; but after some practice and perseverance, you get over them. The truth is that I feel comfortable when I’m creating. Imaginating situations that amuse me in any kind of format…”

From Peru to the World

Platforms like Freepik or social media are never-ending sources of inspiration. Also, they show your pieces all over the world. They allow you to achieve bigger goals, so the more effort you make, the more you will grow. Ilustronauta says: “What I like the most is to generate communication and interaction, to cause any kind of reaction to the audience, but mainly I want my arts not to go unnoticed. Freepik helps me a lot with this, not just because it offers me unlimited access to resources so I can improve my art, it also makes it possible for many people to discover me…”

Either in Peru, Brazil, or Thailand, creativity can be born anywhere. In order to discover it and make the most of it, you only need to keep your eyes wide open and pay attention because the pieces of artists like Ilustronauta and the other Featured Artists from Freepik can awaken the special spark you need to become the next model artist.