Featured Artist: Glashier

Please welcome our newest Featured Artist, Glashier; your next favorite visual storyteller.

Glashier has spent a large part of his career directing music videos and doing photography, crafting unique worlds for music artists, fashion labels, and brands. His cinematic photography offers snapshots in time during filming, between takes, and behind the scenes.

All this work and experience has been exhilarating and fulfilling for Glashier, allowing him to bring to life the visions of others. Now it’s time to go a step further into Glashier’s narrative world. As part of the Freepik featured artist collaboration, Glashier took on the AI behemoth, Midjourney, and created a visual world all his own. 

Get to know Glashier’s photography work and discover Midnite on Mars, an AI visual narrative that’s only just beginning.

Featured Artist Glashier

Visual Narratives

For Glashier and his work, the narrative is the driving force

Glashier shoots exclusively on film to capture cinematic narrative images strongly influenced by his work in film. His visual narrative work has graced the music industry as album covers, artwork, press shots and social media content. He’s also worked on editorials and covers for Bad to the Bone and 35mm magazine, a twelve-page feature in Naked Magazine, campaigns for American Apparel and a week-long take-over of The Photographers Gallery.

In film,  Glashier’s passion for narrative drives him to shoot new stories in new places constantly. He has made nearly 350 music videos in the last ten years for diverse artists like Fatboy Slim, Juliette Lewis and Chrissy Hynde.

His passion for filmmaking has led him to collaborate with various commercial clients like  MTV, Sony PlayStation, Innocent Smoothie, Bud Ice, The Wynn Vegas, O’Neill, and Firetrap.

Featured Artist Glashier

Midnite on Mars

Creating  Midnite on Mars and Freepik by Glashier offered Glashier a different kind of excitement – a chance to build a world entirely of his own making. What started as a technological experiment soon evolved into a project that he was deeply passionate about. As technology continued to advance rapidly, the project quickly took on a life of its own, developing into a unique playground where Glashier explores the possibilities of artificial intelligence.

I am enamored with the concept of constructing a world where I can introduce a character who serves as a photojournalist relocated to another planet.” 

– Glashier

Over time, Glashier has been cultivating an audience and is gearing up to shift in a narrative direction. In Midnite on Mars, this narrative tells the tale of Kooper, a photojournalist relocated to Mars. The images depict his experiences as he delves into solving certain issues plaguing the town of Midnite, Mars’ inaugural colonization. The style is something that follows on from Glashier’s photographic work, it’s a wishlist and culmination of elements he finds aesthetic.

AI and art

Glashier believes that the advent of AI, “has ushered in an exciting new era for creativity and art. It’s a tool that, when used innovatively, can augment human creativity rather than replace it. We’re only just scratching the surface of what’s possible with AI in the realm of art and design.”

In his own practice, AI has allowed Glashier to generate ideas and visuals that he may not have conceived of on his own. He finds it to be a fascinating collaborative process, where he feeds the AI prompts and it returns with results that are often unexpected and inspiring.

Looking ahead, I think we’ll see more artists and creatives embracing AI as part of their toolkit. It will push the boundaries of what’s possible and challenge our notions of authorship and originality. But regardless of the technology we use, the fundamental elements of art—emotion, expression, and human connection—will always remain central. 

However, It’s crucial to remember that AI is a tool, and the artist still needs to apply their judgment, taste, and creativity to shape and direct the output. The machine can generate a million variations, but the human touch is necessary to decide which of those variations has value, tells a story, or provokes an emotional response.”

Featured Artist Glashier

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To follow the ongoing stories of Kooper the interplanetary photojournalist, visit Midnite on Mars.

Glashier and Midnite on Mars will be on exhibit in Copenhagen mid 2023 and he also has a book coming out soon. Stay up to date with his news on his Instagram account.

Featured Artist Glashier