Featured Artist: Fernando Nunes

Each time you enter Freepik, you find high-quality photographs, incredible illustrations, vectors, mock-ups, and much more. You find every single visual resource you’ll ever need, created by international artists that stand out because of their unique styles, such as the case of this month’s Featured Artist, Fernando Nunes. In this article, you’ll not only access some of his best pieces, but also you’ll find out what hides behind the mind of this Brazilian artist.

The internet has given artists the possibility to show their work to millions of people across the globe. Every day more and more talents appear on social media, making it harder to distinguish what makes each artist different.

About this, Fernando says: “I believe that every artist applies their own characteristic unconsciously, inevitably and spontaneously in their artwork, thus managing to differentiate themselves from each other automatically. This happens without us wanting to. But I must also admit that I’ve been doing a kind of work that’s not common to see using Adobe Illustrator. My work is distinguished by a large number of details, the irregularity of the outline, the combination of colors, the fantasy aspect, and also the feeling of a “well-organized mess”.

His style

Each one of his works shows exactly that he has a very unique and particular style. Pieces that can only be created with lots of dedication and experience. They are works that take lots of development… “in order to get to the final artwork, there are a few steps that determine my process. In the first phase, the sketch phase, we can say that I have a more traditional style, inspired by the basic concepts of drawing construction. In the line art phase, the aspect becomes more liquid, in this phase, the contour simulates a brush with real paint, where I apply pressure variations bringing irregularity and motion feeling to the strokes. In the coloring phase, I use solid and flat colors following chromatic harmonization rules. It’s difficult to define a name for our own style, as this is defined by the mixture of many personal references. But generally speaking, in the final stage, in addition to being considered vector-style illustration, we can add a bit of trippy, even surrealism or fantasy with a dash of a little bit of our own baggage”.

It’s curious how Fernando always highlights the personal touch that one can give to art. And how in order to find yourself, one must get filled with references and the work of many other artists. In fact, in Nunes’s words: “I am used to getting surprised every day with new artists and works that I have never seen before, and that ends up becoming a reference. But I can say that I have some that I consider memorable, which are Leonardo Da Vinci, James Jean, T-Wei, luansemsobrenome, and Bicicleta Sem Freio…”

Copyright: luansemsobrenome (Instagram: @luansemsobrenome)
Copyright: luansemsobrenome (Instagram: @luansemsobrenome)
Copyright: Concreto Festival (Fortaleza, Brazil), Bicicleta Sem Freio.
Copyright: Iam TITANES (Ciudad Real, Spain), Bicicleta Sem Freio

“… Also, another important thing is letting the world inspire you. My biggest inspiration is the geometric beauty we find in the construction of all things in nature. And this is a phenomenon that I try to replicate in every step of my creative process. From the construction of figures from basic shapes, through the application of colors to composition…»

More than just an illustrator

Fernando Nunes is not only a prolific illustrator and graphic designer with more than 10 years of experience. He also worked on projects for different companies such as Sony and even a little brand you may have heard of, called Apple… “I worked with the Apple team, developing the design for the company’s internal (non-public) applications. I also had the opportunity to physically work in Silicon Valley, specifically in Cupertino, California, where I worked insanely for 7 days, haha…”

For a professional who has achieved so much, one can’t help but wonder what will be his next objectives. So we asked him exactly what.

“Regarding my personal objective, I want to create visually impacting works, by enjoying each step of the process, in which I have different feelings and which also require different mindsets. In addition to expressing myself freely, learning, and evolving with the process itself, I want to achieve results that make viewers’ eyes shine. I want to think of creations never seen before, I want to create what they consider unimaginable. In parallel, I want people (artists or not) to feel inspired by my work and build things even more fascinating, I want people to believe in their potential to progress and reach extraordinary results, taking advantage and enjoying each step of evolution.”

As you can see, his art pieces are much more than just spectacular images, they have a much deeper meaning. Besides being exceptional works, they try to inspire, which has earned a place in Freepik, because, in Fernando’s words: “Those who work with design and illustration know the needs that we often face. An image bank can easily solve our needs through inspiration, or even the possibility of commercial use of images. And Freepik is a reference in the market, it is a master at what it does! It is a creative content aggregator that gathers thousands of high-quality files available for download for free.”

We couldn’t finish this article leaving you with the urge to know more deeply about Fernando Nunes’s work, so we offer you some of his best pieces at the following link.