Customize Your Pictures with These Halloween Stickers by Freepik 

By Freepik 1 month ago

Today we want to talk about Instagram overlay stickers, don’t know what we are talking about? Well, probably you know (and use) stickers on Instagram stories. For non-Instagrammers let’s say they are images or GIFs you can paste on your pictures before uploading them. This isn’t new, in fact, it has been on for a couple of years already. Now, this feature has taken its way to Instagram feed with overlay stickers. What is an overlay then? Simply said its a kind of mask. If you work with Photoshop, you’ll be used to work with layers. These overlays can be a second picture, an icon, or even text, or a combination of all of these.

In this post, we’ll explain how you can add these stickers to your pictures and create cool and original images.

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How to add overlay stickers to your photos

There are many apps you can use to apply stickers to your pictures. Probably the most well-known is Over, you can download it for free either for IOS or Android.
This app is really straightforward, once you have registered you will be able to create some amazing projects. But first of all, you’ll need to download our Halloween Stickers pack to your phone. Back at the app, go and click on the yellow plus button to start. Choose between an image, video or transparent background and upload it. Then, you’ll have to choose a size. From Instagram story format to portraits, square or landscapes, you don’t have to think about the proportions or size, just choose the social media platform in which you’ll be posting, and they’ll do it for you.

After selecting the size, you’ll be able to apply the stickers to your image. Apply a filter, adjust some lightning aspects or change the opacity or blurriness of the sticker. When you are happy with the picture just save it to your phone or upload it on Instagram directly.

Another app you can use to include these stickers is Aviary Photo Editor, as easy as uploading your picture as Image 1 and one of the stickers as Image 2. You can change its opacity, size or place. Then, this app works like any other photo editor. Go and check out all the functionalities they include.

There are other apps you can use to add stickers to your pictures like A design kit or Be Funky, but you cannot upload your own resources. So they won’t serve you to customize your pics with our spooky Halloween stickers. Now you know, download this special resource and create original pictures.  Ready to surprise your feed this Halloween? Share your pictures on Instagram using the hashtag #HalloweenITwithFreepik.

By Freepik