Aja Kusick painted a Parisian landscape back in 2015, using a thick brush stroke style that was reminiscent of the Starry Night painting by Van Gogh. And then, an education blog mistakenly shared her painting as Van Gogh’s.






The Eiffel tower was actually finished in 1889, but Van Gogh died a year later and he probably didn’t get to see it, because he spent his last years in the south of France. After that, Aja asked herself: what else did Van Gogh miss out?





Her fun project plays with the idea of how would have Van Gogh seen some of pop culture’s most iconic characters and series: Harry Potter, Totoro, the Golden Gate bridge and The Lion King, are all presented in this style, just for the kicks!

You can find more of her work on Etsy.

H/t BoredPanda