Generate images in Figma with AI

With our newest Figma plugin, you can generate images directly in Figma in just a few seconds. The plugin is easy to build prompts with, which makes it suitable for anyone, not only AI-understanding superhumans.

Build your prompt supa-fast

Sometimes, making a good prompt that tells the AI to generate images just as you imagine them can be a struggle. Considerably, the most unique feature of the plugin is offering snippets of prompts as suggestions that you can use. Easily click any of them, and boom- they are in your prompt. If you don’t like any of the offered ones, you can hit the refresh button until you find something that fits you better. This helps you both build your prompt and teaches you about the aspects that prompts should contain, like specifying the image style, lighting, colors, etc., to achieve good image results.

Anyone can prompt, and you can too

We get it. Trying to generate images just from words can be overwhelming and may sound difficult. The plugin has more than a few prompt examples that you can browse through and use, so you can see and learn a bit more about how prompts are put together and what aspects you should include to generate an image successfully.

Suggestions that actually make sense

The plugin thinks of your prompt building process. When you start typing your prompt, the first suggestions you see are generic. They are there to help you style the image. It sets the direction to define whether you’d like your final result to look like a photo, painting, digital art, etc.

After the image style is defined, the prompt suggestions are the ones that fit the specific styling the most. For example, if you choose photography, you’ll be able to pick the camera lens type, the angle the photo was shot from, and so on.

Smart prompt field

The plugin understands the words that you type in the prompt field and also tailors the suggestions based on that. So, even if you won’t pick one of the few generic style suggestions to start with but decide to type in, for example, “An illustration of” the suggestions will be relevant to fine-tuning illustration-style images.

Sizing and orientation

Before generating, you can define the orientation for the images. Depending on that, the sizes are 1024×1024 px for square, 1536×1024 px for landscape, and 1024×1536 px for portrait.

Keep everything on your canvas

Once you hit the magic generating button, the plugin will make four different images and insert them directly into your canvas with your prompt. That way, all of the generated data is kept, and it is up to you to either pick just one or use them all. You get 16 generations every day, so 16×4 = 64 images for free.

Our Figma plugin makes it easy for anyone to generate AI-powered images with just a few clicks. The smart prompt field, tailored suggestions, and orientation options ensure that you get the desired result. So why not give it a try and see how our plugin can help you be a generating pro?

If you don’t use Figma, check out our web-based AI image generator.