7 Educational Presentation Ideas and Templates for Online Classes

As the world gets increasingly digitized, the move to online classes is becoming extremely common. To ensure e-learning is carried out effectively and constructively, educators need to arm themselves with educational presentations that can encourage and inspire.

One of the biggest challenges teachers today face is maintaining students’ attention. This is particularly difficult when teaching Gen Z, a generation of digital natives—especially when teachers themselves aren’t.

To help students stay focused during online classes, lessons need to be as informative and learning-optimized as they are visually stimulating. In this article, we’ll present to you seven of the best educational presentations you can use to facilitate this all-important teacher-student communication and make distance learning fun.

Let’s go!

e-Learning Presentation

e-learning free presentation

This e-learning presentation template is perfect for preparing webinars and online classes. It offers much versatility, which makes it extremely easy to adapt.

It includes pre-prepared slides with infographics and charts and is designed to offer quality and high-level training—be it webinars, online seminars, postgraduate courses, online higher courses, etc.

elearning free presentation
What makes this presentation especially attractive is its detailed and elaborate illustrations. These were created using images from Stories by Freepik, an online portal specially dedicated to designing illustrated concepts that strengthen the visual aspect of presentations. Combined with a wavy background, they give the slides a trendy feel.

The color used for the text and graphics also provide a good contrast with the background, making it more eye-catching and thus helping students focus.

free template - elearning

Furthermore, everything in this template is 100 percent editable and it’s a wonderful choice for creating a customized education presentation.

#StayAtHome Games

stayathome free template

At first glance, it’s pretty clear that this next educational presentation is intended for children. Encompassing a fun design aimed at entertaining kids, this template allows them to learn and play at the same time while at home.

It even takes education to the next level by incorporating gamification elements, whereby game playing is used to encourage learning and skill development.

The template is completely interactive and structured like a contest. For you, the teacher, that means you can create and personalize your own questions and answers according to the subject.

stay at home free template

It’s also very enjoyable for the kids as it is equipped with audio files for sound effects and buttons they can click to answer the questions.

To help fuel the wild imagination of kids, cute and creative illustrations are used throughout the template. Coupled with the striking and vivid colors, this template will not only attract but also retain the student’s attention.

stay at home free presentation

As an added kick, the template even offers a surprise ending: an adorable, personalized diploma for the brave superheroes who participated in the contest! By likening the kids to victorious heroes, it rewards them with a sense of achievement and keeps them motivated.

free templates games for kids

Math Workshop

math workshop free template

This illustrative educational presentation is the ideal template for an online Math workshop. It’s designed with icons and isometric illustrations that are relevant to the subject and comes with a schedule to keep learning on track.

Filled with a stark and vibrant orange as its predominant color, the slides provide a breath of fresh air for learning and are aimed at energizing its viewers. free template - math workshop

Its layout is also structured in a simple manner that’s easy on the eye. As a teacher, that means it’s simple to customize to your lesson plan. For the students, it helps them focus on what’s important.math workshop - free presentation

Graphic Design Lesson

graphic design lesson - free template

This next educational presentation is the perfect template to inspire design students—be it for a graphic design lesson, art education, or an art class.

Adopting a neon color palette, the slides are striking and stimulate learning. It also combines modern and cool styles to further attract and hold students’ attention.
free template graphic design lesson

Practice makes perfect and homework is a vital part of any learning process. This template also includes ready-made slides for class exercises and assignments that you can easily edit.

graphic design lesson free

Telling Stories

telling stories - free template

What makes this next educational presentation great for online classes is the adaptability and the flexibility it offers. It’s a superb multi-purpose template for stories—particularly for narratives involving a storytelling element. It has as many as 40 different slides designed with versatile flat-style illustrations that you can use and modify according to the subject at hand.

telling stories - free template

This template is created with functionality in mind. It consists of everything from charts and infographics to bullet points and columns for you to select the ones that best fit your intended narrative.

Want to get a message across to your students? Give this template a try and see for yourself just how effective it can be!

free template - telling stories

Spelling Workshop

Spelling Workshop - Free Template

Need an educational presentation for primary school learners? This fun spelling workshop template is surely the way to go, especially considering the importance of schools place on spelling activities.

Plus, it’s a great resource to motivate students to improve their spelling skills while at home, which increases their chances of winning the next school spelling bee!

With its vibrant and colorful slides, it provides students with an enjoyable learning experience that can even be extended to parents!

spelling workshop - Free presentation

The above slide’s design even reflects that of a school schedule. This makes it easy for students to relate to as it allows them to follow their regular class schedules while at home. This is key to understanding what needs to be done and what is expected of them, not to mention it puts them in a studying mood!

Above all, it helps with staying organized. It’s estimated that up to 30 percent of class time can be lost to administrative tasks. So, being organized, albeit seemingly trivial, is extremely important to uphold a certain level of efficiency in class.

This template also includes cartoon illustrations of adorable, friendly little monsters to appeal to the young learners and keep them entertained. These are found across the template, from slides that you can fill with motivational words to exercises for practice.

spelling - free template

Plus, its layout is so straightforward and simple that it makes the content easy to absorb. Your students will be learning without even realizing it and soon be yearning for new knowledge!

So, ready to organize your own spelling bee at home? Y-E-S!

Revolution – History Lesson

History Lesson - Free template

Teaching a history class online and need an educational template to turn the boring subject into a lesson that entices and thrills? This history lesson presentation will get the job done!

Its design is fittingly based on constructivism and other similar artistic movements of the 20th century. It also includes slides for assignments and exercises that are ready for you to adapt to your lesson plan.

The visual component of this presentation is also extremely prominent and distinctive, guaranteeing that your students stay focused and attentive at all times.

History Lesson - Free Presentation

Need more inspiration or templates? Discover our range of free and fully customizable Google Slides and PowerPoint education presentations you can use for your online classes.