5 eco-friendly business cards that you will love

Eco-friendly business cards

Here is a selection of five business cards made with recycled materials or with elements of engineering that allow for minimal waste and easy recycling or repurposing.

Recycled paper and cardboard bits

Andrea Romani’s business cards made out of recycled paper and cardboard bits. Although these might seem less functional than other cards when it comes to storing them in a purse or wallet, let’s be honest: living in a more digital world with every passing day, it makes sense that we throw out this type of paper item after using it or noting the info down in any of our tech devices (I might be channeling a bit of KonMari here). Therefore, recycling repurposed paper or cardboard should make us feel extra savvy.

Poppies bloom

These cards contain seeds and allow for them to sprout, so they are one of my favorites in this list. After you are done collecting the necessary data, you can plant them in a pot and watch some poppies bloom in spring. This designer from the Netherlands surely took the eco-friendly to another level!

Painted border and rough texture

Those grey-colored cards with a painted border and rough texture are definitely cool and tasteful while staying simple. The color choice is great, and you are saving the environment! They are too pretty to recycle, but that’s okay because they were already recycled once.

Plastic material

Plastic is one of the hardest materials to recycle, especially thin sheets. Therefore, making business cards size out of this material is definitely a great way of going green. That is why many manufacturers are including this option among their card printing services, such as Company Cards.

Square recycled paper card

Soy-based ink and recycled paper seem like a very good idea: even more so if it’s brought by the hand of a great team of designers that will carry out beautiful projects like these square recycled paper cards.