15 Education-Related Resources to Enjoy Learning

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On Nelson Mandela’s words: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Here, at Freepik Company, we cannot agree more. We create graphic resources that help teachers craft engaging lessons with our variety of illustrations, icons, mockups, presentation templates, or photos.

Education Photos by Freepik

kids at school

Browse Freepik Collections for more pictures like the ones you see here. They feature books, tablets or computers in school, libraries or classrooms. 


From kindergarten to college, find great-quality photos in every stage of the education cycle.

graduation picture

Education Vectors by Freepik


Illustrations can serve to decorate classrooms, create printable cards or customize lesson activities. Give it a go!

School illustrations

We want to make life easier for both teachers and students. Students can customize their schedule with one of our templates. Organizing and planning ahead can help you a lot!

School Schedule

Motivate students with certificates of achievements like the one we have here. Rewarding and recognizing students’ work can make them get involved in class even more.

certificate of achievement
Education PSD files by Freepik

book cover mockup

Edit and customize these mockups to showcase your projects. Find more PSD files in our collection here.

Education mockup

Education mockup


Education Icons by Flaticon

Education Icons

Flaticon has a wide variety of Education icons, from more general concepts like the one above in Kawaii style to more specialized concepts. Have a look at both!

online learning icons

Education Presentation Templates by Slidesgo

Slidesgo presentation template

Presentation templates are really useful for teachers and students. Having a visual aid can keep your students engaged and learn things quicker. Browse Slidesgo to find more quality presentation templates.

Slidesgo presentation template

Teach astrology, maths, biology or a spelling workshop. The classroom audience can be a tough one but with these cute presentations, they’ll be more than happy to listen.

Slidesgo presentation template

If this leaves you wanting more, here are more educational resources in our blog:

Online Learning Icons

Digital Learning Icons

Education Icons

School Schedules 

Back to School Designs


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