10 Ultimate Tips and Tricks for Knockout Presentations

By Template Monster 3 weeks ago

Let’s face it – many business presentations are so dull and boring that you are literally thinking of cutting off your hand just to have anything to throw at the boring presenter simply to make him or her shut up. But when it is your turn to present a product or a new corporate strategy, do you really want to be that person that makes the people want to die during the speech? Surely you don’t. Moreover, I bet you would rather avoid being thrown your listeners’ hands at. So how do you avoid such a fate? Here are the ultimate tips and tricks for you, provided by our friends from Template Monster.

  1. Think of the design

Make sure that your slides looks fancy. Find some awesome exclusive templates, all for free, at Slidesgo, an intuitive platform that provides dozens of Google Slides themes and Powerpoint presentation templates for different activities.

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2. Keep it short and don’t forget about the time limits

If your goal is not making the audience bored, then simply don’t overload them with too much unnecessary information. Keep it short and focus on the most important aspects of your report. Besides, you must respect the time limit, since nobody is going to listen to a boring dude for hours.

  1.     Use standard fonts

Well, you might say that standard fonts are boring, but at least people can read them. So try to avoid sophisticated fonts simply because they aren’t readable and many people will not be able to read the important stuff on your slides.

  1.     Use some visuals

If you still did not know that, people aren’t supposed to read insanely huge texts on the slides. They have a speaker (you) who is supposed to present these texts. Slides are made for illustrative materials such as various images, informative videos, infographics, etc. So utilize visuals instead of text.

Infographic Business


  1.     Avoid using too many animation effects

Animation effects can actually bring your business presentation to a brand-new level, but you have to know how to keep the balance. Do not use them on every single slide and its elements, because they will disturb the audience plus they look simply ridiculous. Besides, something can always go wrong and your fancy elaborated animations will not work and, as a result, will ruin your entire performance.

  1.     Make a clear and strong point

If you are to tell about a new product, you ought to concentrate on that product itself as well as its main features. If you are going to deliver some sort of a report, you ought to be sure that you’re talking about the actually substantial things. Just keep in mind that your speech has to be short and informative, so stress your main point clearly.

  1.     Watch your language

Well, obviously, it’s not all about cursing, but it doesn’t mean that you can curse during your presentation. It’s all about speaking distinctively and clearly, so the listeners will understand you. Just use simple colloquial words for describing difficult stuff, especially if you are delivering a speech for the international audience. On the contrary, don’t go too far because your speech has to be formal too.

  1.     Get ready for a Q&A

You simply cannot avoid a Q&A session at the end of your speech, so you better be ready for it. Try to think of the possible questions and come up with the answers to them, so you won’t come in anywhere during your actual Q&A.

formación empresarial

  1.     Use some powerful quotes in order to sustain your point

Great quotations always make a presentation better, so why don’t you use some in yours in order to sustain your point?

  1.     Prepare a short closing section

Summarize everything you spoke about at the end of your performance, so people will definitely keep in mind all the significant things you want them to know.

Final Word

There is no doubt that creating a truly successful business presentation, which won’t make the audience want to die is totally possible. Just get a pretty template form one of these cool bundles, use some of these tips and tricks, imagine that your business performance is actually your rock show, and simply knock out your listeners during this show.

Have you already utilized these tips and did they work for you? Do you know some other tips for making your presentation better? Let us know in the comments below!