He wanted to study three kinds of bird that are native to Mexico: the toucan, the hummingbird and the Mexican quetzal, and they look incredible!

This isn't only about merging photos with photo edition software, but an exercise of lighting, color and imagination. Awesome! :D

Are you trying to quit smoking? Painting the walls would be a good way to take your mind off the habit. Just not Opaque Couche. We warned you!

If you are looking for an awesome color palette for your summer designs, don't have any doubt: in nature you will find your perfect ally.

How can a designer choose just the right fit for his design and how to produce the color combination everyone would love? Let us take a ride and describe some of the colors to help you understand how, where and where to use them!

Arif Nazir · 11 months ago

INKS is a videogame where interactive art and gaming meet. Inspired by Matisse, Pollock, and others, State of Play Games has made it possible to create art while playing pinball. Allowing you to print your work afterwards seems like a great way of decorating a games room! :)

Colordot, the app that allows you to create your own personalized color palettes by using the colors that inspire you in real life, at any given moment

Inspired by underground line maps, architect Emil Dervish has re-styled this Ukrainian language school called Underhub and made it look truly awesome. By the use of rainbow-colored lines, and inspired by the London Underground (the classes wear names of actual tube stations!) he has transformed the school into a journey to knowledge and learning. Every […]