Stock photography is a great way to improve your site’s visual strategy. Unfortunately some stock photography is overused or used “as is”, resulting in many sites using the same images without any branding or specific customization.

In the early nineties, on February of 1990 to be exact a revolutionary computer program was released to the world. It was called Photoshop and it was only available for Apple Macintosh Computers. It did not take very long for Photoshop to be known around the world by photographers and designers alike; so much so that it is the only computer program name to have organically turned into a widely used verb.

When writing and finalizing blog posts, one of the most important steps you need to take is the creation of the graphics that will be shared on Social Media. You can use photographs, backgrounds and even illustrations. Have you ever tried using icons?

It is a well known fact in the marketing world, that for a blog or business to be at least mildly successful, it needs to be branded. There needs to be a set system of not only colors and fonts but also of language and overall user experience. Everything has to tie together and appear coherent. A website or blog that has a well thought out visual strategy is instantly more noticeable and more relatable that those that are not.

The Blog Sidebar is a very classic approach to blog design, but experts predict that the future of Blog User Experience (UX) Design is to not have a sidebar at all. The Sidebar is a piece of virtual real estate; a strip of visual information either to the right of the left of the article content, displaying ads and related widgets. As Blogging has become more and more popular and more people want to make money from their blogs, the Sidebar has become a dumping ground of ads and click bait for the owner to make a little extra cash.