Making a Splash with Winter Graphic Design Trends

Graphic design is always evolving, and that means there are always new trends to be aware of. If you’re interested in staying ahead of the curve, then you need to know what’s coming down the pipeline. Here are 10 winter graphic design trends for 2023 that you should keep an eye on. From neons to nature-inspired designs, there’s something for everyone in this list. So read on and start getting inspired for the future. What’s your favorite thing about winter graphic design?

The Nordic Style: Minimalism and Geometric Patterns

The Nordic style is a minimalistic and modern take on winter graphic design.

The Nordic style is a minimalistic and modern take on winter graphic design. It is characterized by wintery images, pastel colors, and geometric patterns. These winter-inspired pieces can be created using classic winter images like snowflakes and pinecones in soft hues to achieve a cozy winter wonderland theme. Geometric shapes are also seen in this style, whether that’s accentuating winter drawings, furniture pieces, or pictures. This creates an interesting contrast between the winter imagery and the simplicity of shapes that you often find in Nordic homes. The result of combining these two elements creates a design space filled with warmth and a hint of style.

Negative Space

Negative space can be a powerful tool in art and design. It is the empty space that surrounds an object. By paying attention to this space, you can draw focus to the main subject by creating stark contrast; snowflake drawings are a great example of this concept! Looking at a snowflake drawing with its intricate details accurately portrayed against nothing but empty space will make it stand out even more. This type of minimalistic approach is often seen in winter wallpapers, giving them a more nature-focused vibe. With negative space, artists are able to draw attention to their subject in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Hand-Drawn Illustrations

Hand-drawn illustrations have been used as decoration, storytelling and other creative expressions since antiquity. Crafting such artwork has stood the test of time, still being used in all sorts of mediums every day. Modern uses for illustrations can be seen everywhere, from personalized snow wallpapers to cute polar bear cartoons. Since illustrating by hand offers a personal touch that few other art forms can match, it will surely remain an immensely popular trend in the future too.

Typographic Designs

Typographic designs are composed of words and/or images created with typefaces in interesting shapes, sizes, and layouts.

Winter is the perfect time to embrace typographic designs as they can bring a classic, wintery look to any creation. Typographic designs are composed of words and/or images created with typefaces in interesting shapes, sizes, and layouts. They provide an opportunity for you to express yourself and make a statement just by using words or phrases that reflect your style and personality. Whether creating wall art or cards for winter holidays such as Christmas, winter typographic designs are the perfect way to add your creative flair. Do you want to know how to style graphic tees in winter, for example? Typographic designs can be a very creative way of doing so by adding some of these creations together with snowmen images. With winter here it’s time to find the perfect font pairings for your typography-based projects.

Futuristic Elements

Futuristic elements have become incorporated in many creative winter works.

As graphic design continues to evolve and trends emerge, futuristic elements have become incorporated in many creative works. These include neon colors and geometric shapes to create a sense of the interstellar future. A popular element seen frequently is an ice background made up of snow-like particles frozen in place to give a glacial atmosphere. Such creations provide designers with a way to express their own vision of the future and incorporate it into their graphic design pieces.


Gradients, or color transitions, are becoming increasingly popular in winter designs. It is easy to distinguish winter creations from any other season with its unique gradients of navy and burgundy colors. Typical winter colors offer a range of shades and hues that add interest to a design–from deep winter berries and light snowflakes to vivid jewel tones–all using gradual transitions from one shade to another. Gradients also become part of the versatility of winter images: warm colors for chilly days, bright colors for a pop, and delicate shades for a softly sophisticated winter look. Whether you wish to subtly transition between colors or loudly highlight each hue with your gradients, winter is a great time to create beautiful combinations with gradients.

Vintage Elements

Minimal patterns, recognizable shapes and retro color palettes are just some of the elements that can be found in winter vintage designs.

A quick look at mid-century design is sure to reveal a classic look that has become a staple in today’s trends. From the 1950s, winter collections are full of striking designs that have stood the test of time. Minimal patterns, recognizable shapes and retro color palettes are just some of the elements that can be found in vintage designs. Whether you opt for subtle hints in your creations, this old-school design has cemented itself as an important component of today’s graphic design trends. Add some vintage fireplace pictures to your Christmas and wintry posters, postcards, and even banners to achieve a very special effect. You can also add warm filters to your photographs to give a vintage touch to your compositions.

Winter MockUps

During winter months, mockups are a great way to showcase marketing and branding designs.

During winter months, mockups are a great way to showcase marketing and branding designs. Using simple layering techniques, different images can be overlaid on top of each other to create dynamic compositions that can communicate product ideas effectively. Using mockups in the winter months is especially useful for highlighting seasonal campaigns or adjusting current projects for the chilly weather. From digital products to print media and apparel, mockup graphics provide an effective means of displaying winter themes. In addition, using mockups is a cost-effective solution for creating large quantities of high-quality visuals quickly and easily.

Botanical Folk Art

Botanical folk art is a unique and captivating form of winter-inspired artwork that has long held its place in the artistic world. It typically consists of winter-related plants, leaves, and fruits being featured on paper or canvas in an airy, whimsical manner. Children tend to adore the light aesthetic of botanical folk art and many young people are now beginning to explore more vintage styles as well. The winter motifs bring a special warmth to any home or gallery, creating an inviting environment that’s ideal for creative self-expression. Botanical folk art is an inspiring way to bring life and winter themes into any design.

Risograph printing

Riso printing is a printing technique that utilizes ordinary materials such as paper, adhesive and soy-based ink, creating complex patterns and beautiful visuals. The winter aspect of riso printing is important because it involves curating winter pieces with the goal of provoking emotion in the viewers. It allows creators to express winter scenes through their artwork in an artistic way, making winter landscapes more tangible and vivid. Furthermore, unlike traditional printing methods, this technique proves to be cost-effective while still resulting in a stunningly high-quality outcome; and all with the use of just simple everyday paper and inks.

In conclusion, this winter we will see a range of graphic design trends that have been influenced by modern art and technology. From futuristic designs to images of vintage fireplaces, botanical folk art, negative space combinations and gradients, among other unique visuals, 2023 is bringing us some eye-catching designs. It’s important to experiment and adapt these trends to your own style in order to keep up with the modern age of graphic design. Stay creative and take risks; explore new designs by stepping outside of your comfort zone. Let’s use the shifting landscape of design as an opportunity for growth. It’s time for you to try out these 10 winter graphic design trends for 2023 and be creative when crafting your next masterpiece. From playing around with layers to using jaw-dropping color pallets–anything is possible. Enjoy making something beautiful and let the inspiration lead the way.