Why Do You Need to Start Using Figma Right Now

Launched in 2016, Figma quickly became one of the most famous ( and favorite) tools for UI designers.  Figma is a vector-based cloud tool that helps UI teams to work on projects and collaborate with others.

Our teams are using Figma for quite some time now, and we could not be happier. If you are still on the fence on this too, here are a few key points we learned, and they might help you decide:

Works on any platform

Figma works with any browser, has a desktop app, or a web version- you’re the one to choose which one to use. It also runs smoothly on both Mac and Windows, so if your team members are using different operating systems, there will be no complications. 

So it really is available for everyone.

figma tool

Easy to use

If you’re familiar with similar tools or switching from Sketch or Photoshop, the learning curve will be easy. The interface looks familiar and almost intuitive. You can use shortcuts to perform actions faster (and use a cheat sheet if you forget them), switch between the projects, see team members that are changing something, and many more little things that, overall, make it very easy to use. 

figma shortcuts

Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration

With Figma, it is super easy to collaborate with other team members and even with other teams. Just share the link, give them access, and done. Everyone can leave notes, comments, and suggestions. You can see updates instantly, and if you connect Figma to your Slack, you’ll get a notification every time there’s an update. 

Clicking on the avatar, you can see what this person is looking at and which actions he or she is performing at that moment.

Designers can get immediate feedback, other teams can contribute with tips and ideas, and the improvements and changes can happen super fast.

figma tool


Plugins are a great and easy way to enhance your capabilities with Figma. The best part is that everyone can create a plugin, so you can either look for the one you need or make it yourself.

Plugins make your work easier, help with integration with other services, automate some tasks, and many cool things. This feature became available only a year ago, but we’ve been working with plugins ever since and absolutely loving it! 

Look out for the next post on our blog, in which we’ll be talking about our favorite Figma plugins.

figma tool for designers

Free and paid versions

One of Figma’s coolest things is that it has a freemuim model (and boy, do we love those). 

This means you can either use it for free or get a Pro account starting at %12 per month. The main difference is that with the Free version,  you can have only three projects (not docs, but independent projects).  In addition, all the versions offer unlimited cloud storage, and we salute Figma for it!

figma tool for designers


All in all, Figma is a great tool for UI designers and for collaborating with other teams and departments. If you are a Figma-tic like us, share your experience and your favorite Figma features in the comments. If you haven’t tried this tool yet, we highly encourage you to install Figma and play with it. 

See you in the comments!