Design a harmonious wedding experience with Freepik

There are no two love stories alike.

Also in the Freepik team, we can find those who met their partner on an app, or those who went on a blind date, and finally, those who found a lifetime companion in a childhood friend.

Jokes, codes, and dynamics with time become the main ingredients of this kind of stories, making them even more unique. That is why, when we decide to plan a wedding and design its graphic elements, we put so much effort into making justice to our one-of-a-kind love story. The music and food will be important pieces, but so will the invitations, stationery, and decorations.

If you’re here, there are high chances you’re probably about to design a wedding. And therefore, you might want to know this: our resources will make designing a wedding easier than ever!

And who would better tell you more about this than the ones with weddings on the horizon: Meet Halenia and Martin. 

So, what’s the plan?

Planning a wedding can be fun, but it’s also likely to be overwhelming. Our Wedding Album collection is a great starting point to find photography that will help you conceptualize and visualize your ideal wedding.

“We always knew that we wanted something unconventional, but what we didn’t know was that the concept of ‘original’ meant so many things,” Sofia tells us. “Luckily, in our case, it only took one look at Freepik’s collection of photographs to know that we would be going for an outdoor wedding and that lavender would be the primary color.”

If you’re a wedding planner, this collection is also perfect for you! It can help you to picture your vision by creating moodboards. “It’s easier to explain an idea with images than with words,” says Fernanda Olivares, the wedding planner of Helania and Martin. “Having a wide selection of high-quality wedding photography simplifies the challenge of making my client’s dreams a reality much faster.”

To hit the nail on the head is not an easy task when it comes to weddings, but with our resources you can either get inspired and conceptualize your dream wedding better, or, in the case of wedding planners, help others to visualize what’s already on the tip of the tongue. 

Time to see how we can help you with the next stage.

Design a perfect wedding

First impression – Invitations

After discussing it, rethinking, and discussing again, you might be more or less aligned on how your ideal wedding should look like. So, what’s next? Now, it’s time to let the loved ones know.

For most guests, the wedding invitation will be the first impression of the big day. Finding the perfect invitation template may sound like an easy task, but we know that what’s available as standard isn’t always what fulfills the wishes of the bride and/or the groom. That’s why we’ve put together a series of professional templates in the Come to my Wedding collection.

“Our original idea was to create a design from scratch because the templates we found online seemed too generic,” Halenia told us. ” But when we saw Freepik’s designs, we discovered that we could save time and money without sacrificing quality.”

Whether the style you’re looking for is subtle, colorful, or elegant, our collection of invitations has something for every personality and whim of heart.

It is important to highlight that these templates are fully editable, you just have to select your favorite one, download it, edit the text as you want, and voilá! 

After completing the previous two stages, it’s finally time to talk about the big day and how we can help you make it even more special. 

Design a perfect wedding

Before the bells ring

Once the event is properly conceptualized and the invitations are sent out, the attention gravitates towards elements such as the banquet itself and its decorations. Some say the magic is hidden in the details, and just like you, we want to make sure that every little detail is nothing less than perfect. The welcome sign, menu, and table labels are some of the things that make all the difference.

“There are so many stuff involved in a wedding that the last thing my partner and I thought about was the menu design,” says Martin. “But once you have it all put together, you realize how important it is for everything to match in a harmonious way.”

Just like with the invitations, these graphic elements come in all sorts of styles and are fully editable. Find our wedding stationery in the Perfect Wedding Stationery collection and give the final touch to that unforgettable day.

Design a perfect wedding

Design Your Love Story with Freepik

Design your whole love story with Freepik – as you’ve just discovered, our resources can make designing a wedding from the start to the final touch much easier. 

Whether you’re a designer, a wedding planner, or a couple, don’t hesitate to take your time to look into these 4 wedding collections we have prepared for you. The first move to conceptualize your big day starts here:

We hope that you will find our guide and resources useful on your path to designing a harmonious and unforgettable wedding experience. At the end of the day, the most important part is to be truly present in the moment and feel the love around us. So, don’t worry about the little nuances if things won’t go as planned – there is a captivating charm in the unpredictability of the events that usually turn out better than we could have ever imagined!