Webby Awards 2021: The Best of the Web

By Nico 1 month ago

According to sitefy.com, there are approximately 10,500 new websites every hour. It’s a monstrous number, right? But among all these websites, only a few stand out enough to win the Webby Awards.

Ever heard about them?

Regarding the digital world, these awards are some of the most important internationally speaking. The main categories are websites, mobile sites, videos, advertising, apps and software, podcasts, among others.

In every edition, there are two prizes for each category.

On one hand, “The Webby Award”. The winners of this recognition are selected by the “International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences”. The jury consists of digital experts, famous entrepreneurs, creative minds, and creators.

On the other hand, “The Webby People’s Voice Award”. This award is given by popular vote. However, the nominated works are chosen by the academy.

Webby Awards 25º

This year’s edition was special, because of the special year we lived during 2020. The objective was to commemorate those who helped to keep the world connected during the Covid-19 pandemic. And even though every category was unique, this is our selection of the most outstanding entries.

Webby Lifetime Achievement Award Winner: Gladys Brown West

Webby Awards: Gladys Brown

Maybe this name doesn’t ring a bell for you; however, have you ever used a GPS? In case you’ve done it, it was thanks to her. This woman developed the mathematical model that helped map the Earth. This North American mathematician has become through the years in a role model for women all over the world.

Webby Breakout of the Year Winner: Among Us

Webby Awards: Among Us

As we said earlier, one of the key things these awards were looking for were those ideas that helped us connect throughout the pandemic. That’s why this videogame got one of the most important awards of the event. With a simple interface, it got millions of friends across the world together, playing, forgetting for a couple of hours about the world’s health situation.

Apps and Software Integrated Mobile Experience 2021: Wrapped 2020 – Spotify

Webby Awards: Spotify

How did 2020 sound like? Well, the only ones who really knew, are the creative minds working in Spotify.

What did they do? They developed a digital experience in which, after gathering every piece of data they could get from their platform, they summarize your whole year. From those songs you’ve heard all year long, to the podcasts that you couldn’t stop listening to.
What’s interesting about this development is not only the amount of information they gathered but also, how they managed to turn it into a global campaign.

They created a worldwide action, with a personalized approach.

Although you can no longer access the campaign on the app, you can watch here how the experience was and how it was made.

Websites and Mobile Sites – Diversity & Inclusion 2021: Black Women Too

Weby Awards: Black Woman Too

Sadly, violence and discrimination are still deeply rooted in our society. Especially for women and, as www.blackwomentoo.com shows, for women of color.

This platform got awarded with one of the most prestigious Webby Awards honors because it showed in a dynamic and practical way, a research work on this matter.

Right here you can check a really interesting interview with one of this project’s creators.

People’s Voice Winner – Social; Television & Film (Video): Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical

Webby Awards: Ratatouille

When many people work together, there’s no limit to what they can achieve. That’s what helped this event stand out from the rest.

In the midst of the pandemic outbreak, when the majority of the planet was in lockdown, Tik Tok transformed their app into a stage for thousands of artists that presented a Broadway musical for millions of screens. All of this, for a charitable end.

You can watch the case video right here.

In such a hard year, the Webby Awards managed to acknowledge all those pieces that tried to make the best out of 2020. Those that show that people’s creativity has no limits.

That’s the reason why, from Freepik, Flaticon and, Slidesgo, we offer you all of the visual resources you’ll ever need to create whatever’s on your mind.

By Nico