Top 3 vintage Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates

Many people love “the good ol’ days” . In Spain, we have a saying that means that the past times were always better. Perhaps that’s just a reference point to build on and improve the present and the future.

Whichever way you look at it, the team at Slidesgo is confident about this: the vintage style is cool. In fact, they not only take into account the aesthetics of this style, but also the theme of the presentations when creating the designs.

In this article we are going to show you the top 3 vintage templates for Google Slides and PowerPoint from the entire Slidesgo catalog. Join us on this journey through time!

Floral Pattern

Let’s start with a free presentation that is very popular among many users. Its main feature is, undoubtedly, the use of patterns made with different illustrations of flowers—the frame they form on each slide is beautiful!

Moreover, the flowers are also part of the compositions themselves. Take a look at the following image. Each one leads the columns of text on the slide. It looks great!

We think that the cream-colored background blends beautifully with these vintage floral motifs, In addition, the typography has a “handwritten” touch that takes it away from the sober and serious. What we want is joy here!

Finally, we also want to show you this other slide. Photographs have enormous potential. They are able to evoke sensations or take us to other places. Look how stunning the flower looks here!

Go ahead and download the Floral Pattern template! It’s free and can be easily edited in both Google Slides and PowerPoint.

Physical Education Center

Let’s move on to the second vintage style template, which, as its title suggests, is suitable for presenting sports centers. In fact, its style may remind you a bit of old posters of competitions. This is the cover page, with which you can make it clear from the beginning what your presentation will be about.

This figure could have appeared perfectly in the advertisements of a tennis tournament. At other times, however, these characters may even be the illustrated examples of some instructions themselves, as in this other image.

As you can see, cream is also the color chosen for several of the backgrounds in this presentation. It is reminiscent of the “discoloration” that paper gets with the passing of time. But contrast is also important and, therefore, a color like green fulfills this function very well.

Notice also how the proportions of the characters you see in these images are very particular. The heads are very small compared to the bodies. Don’t you think this is a good way to attract the viewer’s attention?

Get the Physical Education Center template and start editing it in Google Slides or PowerPoint to let everyone know about your sports facilities!

Medieval History Thesis

We have reached the third template! As we mentioned at the beginning, this time “vintage” refers to the subject of the presentation: a dissertation on medieval history. Imagine yourself on the platform, in front of the assessment committee, showing the title of your thesis:

How appropriate for the era depicted! These details in the form of illustrations help contextualize the content and, at the same time, provide a better balance between the elements on the slide.

Those ribbons, each with a little title inside… It’s magnificent! Now, let’s say you’re also going to include a quote (it’s a thesis, after all). In addition to adding credibility to your theory, those words bring prestige, since they were spoken by other professionals in this discipline. How about a crown to enhance that concept of “prestige”?

Since it’s about the Middle Ages, knights and their armor are an iconic detail that could not be missing in a presentation like this one!

Get this majestic template called Medieval History Thesis and modify it according to your needs in Google Slides and PowerPoint!

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