The Most Adorable PowerPoint and Google Slides Templates about Cats and Dogs

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Raise your hand if you are an animal lover! Pets make us very happy just by being near them, and they love us deeply, although some show it better than others! What pet do you have at home? Maybe a bird, a hamster, a snake, an alpaca?

When it comes to pets, the two most popular are dogs, whose loyalty is unrivaled among the animal world, and cats, which are more independent yet very grateful to their owners.

Have you ever felt the need to dedicate a presentation to these little friends that we love so much? Slidesgo has a good number of animal-themed templates, so we are going to show you the most adorable or eye-catching ones about cats and dogs. Shall we start?

Cute Cats

Going straight to the point, right off the bat. The first one from the list has a very descriptive name! It’s going to be very easy for your audience to feel moved if you start the presentation with a photograph like this one. We’re already hearing the “awwws”!

Cute Cats 1

One of the strengths of this template is that it has a lot of images. If you want to make an informative presentation about cats, this will save you a lot of time. It occurs to us that, for example, you might be interested in giving some statistics or specific facts about cats. What if you try combining everything like in the next screenshot?

Cute Cats 2

With the photo you win the hearts of everyone present, and with the data you inform them and broaden their knowledge. Have you seen the paw prints? It’s a nice touch that helps you highlight the data. By the way, what if you try using pictures of your own pet?

Visit the template Cute cats.

How to Train Your Puppy

Dogs are the most loyal animals to humans, there is no doubt about that. But they need someone to teach them the most basic commands there are. We are sure that many people would be interested in knowing how to do this, so making a presentation as part of a workshop seems to us a very real possibility.

You can divide the content by units or topics. How about introducing each with a lovely cover slide like this one?

How to Train Your Puppy 1

Including a lot of text can be tempting, but when it comes to slideshows, that can make the audience pay too much attention to the screen and too little to your own talk. Turn the tables by using infographics!

One example comes to mind: you can show them how to make a dog sit and illustrate it with a simple flowchart:

How to Train Your Puppy 2

Of course, you can shape it any way you want and use as many elements as you need. Note that indicating the end of the flowchart with a heart gives a lot of “cuteness” points!

Look also at the background of the slide; do you see how many dog-related drawings there are? There are bones, paw prints, hearts, food bowls… We’d better move on to the next template before we fall in love with this one forever!

Go to the template How to train your puppy.

Cat Illustrator Portfolio

It’s possible that animals inspire you in your work. If you’re an illustrator, you’ve probably drawn a cat, and many of you would love to show off your work and prove how good you are at drawing them! It’s very simple: create your own portfolio in the form of a presentation and show your style to the world.

Cat Illustrator Portfolio 1

The first thing you need to do is introduce yourself. Who are you and why did you opt for illustration?

On a slide like the one you’ve just seen, you can fulfill two goals at the same time: to introduce yourself and to show one of your illustrations. Besides, we think that using a handwritten font gives the presentation a more approachable and casual touch. What do you think?

Cat Illustrator Portfolio 2

If you are one of those people who say a lot with a few words, this slide will be ideal for you. You can opt for a quote from someone famous, something that never fails, or a personal slogan, the motto that guides your life! Another option would be to title one of your illustrations. Did some ideas come to your mind when you saw this image?

Have a look at the template Cat illustrator portfolio.

Dog Pattern

Just as some dogs have fur that appears to be made up of colorful patterns or spots, there are presentations that use this type of resource to better attract attention. What if such patterns were composed of adorable drawings of dogs? This will delight not only children, but people of all ages.

Dog Pattern 1

By having a style that is more fun, closer to a comic book style, you can make a much more relaxed and entertaining presentation for the audience. In fact, you can provide some kind of statistical data regarding dogs or a particular breed (or about your own dog!).

Again, infographics are always a very reliable and visually appealing option.

Dog Pattern 2

The paw prints represent a percentage related to walks. The drawings on the left side illustrate the different needs of our canine friends, such as feeding, hygiene or grooming. Our recommendation is to get creative!

Download the template Dog pattern.

This Is My Cat

This is the ultimate presentation for those who think their pet is special. Let everyone contemplate your cat! If you want to pique everyone’s interest, you have to start big: by showing how much you love your pet!

Using floral motifs and a handwritten font gives, once again, that personal touch with which so many animal owners identify.

This is My Cat 1

Have you ever had amazing experiences with your cat? That time it ran off to chase another cat and, when it came back, it brought you a banknote it had found?

Whether fact or fiction, you can list several anecdotes or details that you want to highlight with several text boxes. Here’s an example of how to organize them on the slide, around a photo of your cat. Oh, yes, a photo is a must!

This is My Cat 2

We insist: the floral motifs make the audience go “squee” when they watch the slide on the screen. Add flowers (and pets) to your life!

Link to the template This is my cat.

Dog Daycare

It makes us sad when we have no choice but to be separated from our pets for a few hours. Sometimes we have someone we trust to leave our dog with, and sometimes we have to resort to a dog daycare center.

What do you mean you have one? Lucky you! With this template, you can promote it in style.

Dog Daycare 1

Tell potential customers that you are the solution to the problem. What problem could we be talking about? The problem of leaving a dog alone – it’s heartbreaking! That’s why you can keep it company and take care of it while its owner is away, and thanks to your services, the dog will receive the best attention! With a slide like the one we’ve just shown you, you can prove it.

Dog Daycare 2

Speaking of services, don’t hesitate to list them! You can use photos to illustrate them perfectly. For this purpose, we recommend using a slide in which the elements are balanced in order to give equal importance to all of them (unless you want to highlight one in particular, of course). As in other occasions, combining images and text can work very well.

Use the template Dog daycare.

Cat-astrophe averted! We won’t need a dog-tor!

If you are interested in downloading any of the templates that we have shown you in this article, you just have to go to Slidesgo and click on the button corresponding to the software you are going to use, Google Slides or PowerPoint. 

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