The sky is the limit, let’s evolve faster than ever using AI 

AI, or artificial intelligence, is a rapidly developing technology that is transforming how businesses and consumers interact. AI trends are impacting the way companies design customer experiences, create better products, make decisions faster, and automate tasks. 

AI has already changed many industries for the better and it is estimated to continue advancing at an incredible rate. Companies like Freepik have embraced AI technology due to its accuracy and speed compared to manual processes, resulting in improved user experiences across all of their products.

The past two paragraphs you’ve just read have been written by Jasper. Is Jasper one of our colleagues? No, it is an AI copywriting assistant. 

Artificial intelligence is changing many of our daily tasks, like copywriting. It is a real turning point for the creation and integration of online resources.  That’s why it’s essential to keep a close eye on AI’s new possibilities. 

Creating images using AI with Wepik

At Freepik, we are passionate about technological developments because they are key to staying ahead of the trends. Thanks to the latest design trends and features, we create better products so that our users can express their ideas. 

Wepik is a great example of how AI is helping Freepik to create better products and user-friendly tools. It is the first non-professional editor to use artificial intelligence to create images. The creation of digital images using AI has undergone a revolution in the last 12 months thanks to two major projects: Midjourney and Stable Diffusion. These two tools generate images of anything we can think of, with impressive quality, looking almost like photo-realistic images. 

With Wepik everyone can produce an image from scratch by entering a short definition of what they are looking for thanks to the AI Text-to-Image generator. It has a user-friendly and intuitive interface to make AI image creation accessible and offers fully customized graphic resources adapted to the needs of each user.

Wepik also offers the following possibilities: to create images just based on a simple description, to explore the image gallery listed by styles and topics, and to develop new images based on the ones that are already part of the collections. All of that, thanks to artificial intelligence. AI is also helping create and improve image descriptions based on the content. Read more about how AI is used in Wepik.

Exploring AI together: Generative AI Speakers Event

Freepik is constantly looking for ways to be at the forefront of disruptive technologies and make them accessible to all. Therefore, on Saturday, January 21st, 2023, our company organized an internal event to discuss the present and future of Generative AI with a team of experts. Each of them explained how much of a game-changer Generative AI can be in the content creation industry. 


  • Javier López López, AI artist and former CEO and CPO of Erasmusu, explained how he has become one of the best image creators using AI tools. 
  • Iván de Prado, Head of AI at Freepik Company and teacher at the Artificial Intelligence Institute (Spain),  spoke about the latest advances in AI and how it is being applied at Freepik.
  • Andrés Torrubia, co-founder of the Artificial Intelligence Institute (Spain) MedBravo, FIXR and Trymedia Systems, described the state of the art and what the immediate future holds. 
  • And the panel moderated by our CEO, Joaquin Cuenca Abela, had a talk and a round of Q&A regarding the latest advances in Generative AI and its technological, social, economic, and business impacts. 

In this short video we have gathered the important topics that the speakers discussed during this event.


This event inspired us to implement new useful features using AI at Freepik. The reverse search would be an excellent tool for the users, as well as offering recommendations based on what the users have downloaded and generating icons and vectors. The Wepik team is also working on implementing the automatic creation of slides using a specific subject and text. This new feature should be available in the next weeks. 


Making AI our daily ally at Freepik

Artificial intelligence helps us in all areas of content creation. We use Grammarly which understands and processes human language through AI technology to improve our writing, and ChatGPT, a chatbot offering requested pieces of writing, to summarize survey data. Copilot is also used to get coding suggestions from natural language prompts. 

Beyond writing, we can generate images with Midjourney for our blog posts, organize our tasks and projects via Notion which also integrates artificial intelligence, and create answers for users with the GPT3 language model. 

We can also automatically generate video subtitles in another language with Whisper, a speech recognition system (just like we did for the videos in this article). All those examples are just the tip of the iceberg and each of our teams is exploring new possibilities that are growing every day.

The future is AI

At Freepik, our goal is to keep growing and communicate on technological advances related to AI in a world where technological progress surprises us every day. Our mission is to help our users to express their ideas without limits. 

Generative AI offers infinite possibilities that we are eager to explore together and to put to use for the greatest number of people. Let’s make professional and personal tasks more efficient and creative while exploring AI as a new galaxy!

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