“Skin to Skin” – A Photographic Trend for 2022

Photography trends are often a mirror of our lives. Sharing our stories visually is a practice that humanity has been developing since time immemorial. And that’s why one of the most striking photographic trends of 2022 is skin-to-skin photography.

The basis of this trend is hugs, caresses, tenderness and emotional connection. If you are looking for images in this style to tell stories about life in moments of warmth, love, tenderness and the closest bonds, our “Skin to Skin” collection has everything you need.

The power of the hug

Hugging brings that perfect dose of affection to show someone that you love them, that you appreciate them and that you care about how they feel. Even without words. There’s nothing like the restorative and healing power of a well-given hug.

“And if I hug you, it’s so I can feel that our love will never be uprooted.
Gustavo Cerati, Raíz/Bocanada

skin to skin visual trend

How to use skin-to-skin photos in marketing

This photographic trend, beyond being a mirror of our reality, is also a great opportunity for visual marketing. Brands of all kinds will want to join the trend of communicating closeness to visually connect with their clients and consumers.

To use skin-to-skin photography in marketing, it is essential to first identify the story you want to tell through the graphic elements of your promotion, email, advertisement, etc.

In our “Skin to Skin” collection you will find images of couples, friends, children, families and other types of human relationships. 

For example, the bond between mother and child, the closeness of friends, and the affection of grandparents.

Tips for skin-to-skin photography

If you are interested in taking skin-to-skin photos as a photographer, here are some tips to help you achieve interesting and engaging images that inspire a positive take on life.

Real people

Naturalness is the emotional core of the skin-to-skin trend. If you are looking for someone to photograph, look first at those closest to you. Positive bonding is conveyed through these photos – with the look in the eyes, body position and smiles. Photograph your grandparents, parents, siblings, friends, etc.

Another option is to look for models or actors who know how to create these feelings of affection for the camera. Either way, during the photo shoot it will be your job to make your subjects feel comfortable with each other. Play music that lifts the mood, engage the models in pleasant conversation in front of the lens and make sure the energy of the moment is positive.

skin to skin visual trend

Warm light

Warm light has an enveloping and cheerful effect on photography. For a trend involving hugs, cuddles and closeness, warm light is perfect to help you tell the story visually. 

The natural sun is your primary source of warm light, especially at dawn and dusk. These times of the day are called “Magic Hour” for their visual effect on the skin and the environment. You can also use artificial lights to create a warm ambiance in your studio or other pleasant location. 

Get in close

Finally, get close to your subjects as you photograph them. Leave very little space around the people in the frame, or get so close that there is no air around them at all, just the bodies of the people embracing.

This visual effect of closeness is essential to capturing the feeling of connection that we want to convey in the skin-to-skin trend. If there is too much space or air around the subjects, the story changes a bit. 

skin to skin visual trend

Your turn

What do you think of this skin-to-skin photo trend for 2022? Are you going to use it in your content or as inspiration for your photo shoots? Don’t forget to browse the “Skin to Skin” collection here on Freepik

You’ll discover images to use in graphics, emails, brochures and more. Let’s celebrate a loving life together with hugs and loving gestures to our loved ones.