Showcase Your Mockups With Different Levels of Editing

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Mockups have become popular among Freepik users and generally within the microstock world. In this post, we’ll identify what a mockup is, and we’ll see the different types of mockups depending on the level of editing. Probably you’re already familiar with mockups, have previously worked with them, or are planning to. The truth is that these designs are appealing and contribute to enhancing your portfolio.

But, what exactly is a mockup? A mockup is a visual representation of the product’s appearance that allows the customer to get an idea of how the final result will look like. So, the degree of complexity of a mockup will depend on the editing level during the creation process.

A design becomes a mockup when it admits the integration of any image or design. This would be the basic editing of a mockup. From this point, you can create mockup templates that allow users to edit colors and even move elements within the scene.

Below we specify the types of mockups that can be found on Freepik and that you can create to make your portfolio look more professional.

1. Simple Mockups

We identify simple mockups as those that involve the lowest editing level. Simple mockup creations are those designed to add an image or design on them. Elements nor color can’t be changed on this sort of mockup. The editing process is simple, but the result is usually more realistic and appealing.

Some examples of mockups with basic editing are billboards, technological devices, product packaging, clothing, printed material, etc.

mockup simple editingº


2. Editable Mockups

Users can modify more elements in editable mockups, so the level of editing, in this case, is higher. Not only can you integrate a design on them, but also some characteristics can be modified to make the scene more suitable for the user. Here are some of the features of editable mockups:

  • Color can be changed

editable mockup

mockup bottle editable

  • The user can show/hide elements, or modify the background

editable mockup

editable mockup jewellery

3. Scene Creators

Scene creators allow users to change a lot of aspects of the design, apart from the ones mentioned above. The elements within a scene creator can be moved along the scene, which gives users more freedom to create something original and personal. Also, it’s possible to play around to the lighting effects and the perspective. Let’s see some examples where the elements have been modified:

scene creator stationery

scene creator elements

Depending on the camera angle, there are three different types of scene creators’ perspectives: front, isometric, and top view.

halloween concept mockup

scene creator halloween concept

scene creator hallowen top view

The following are examples of scene creators with editable elements. As you can see, some of the objects have been moved without losing their properties, such as the reflection, transparency, highlights or shadows.

scene creator valentines

scene creator table

Besides, you can add lighting effects to your scene. This way, the user can turn them on/off depending on the result they’re looking for.

scene creator editable elements

scene creator editable lighting

Separating the shadows from the object makes it easier for the user to edit the design. So, depending on the objects’ shape, some of them can be placed in a different area without losing any effect.

scene creator isometric

scene creator editable elements

4. Scene Creators Packs

Yes, you read it right! You can create packs of scene creators. These packs contain an element in 9 different positions and perspectives so users can extract and use them on their compositions. These packs must be clean and include original editing options, so they are appealing enough for users.

scene creator pack

As you can see, there are different possibilities to create a mockup! Remember that the more original and unique your design is the more users will like your creation, as it will stand out from the rest. Focus on quality and make the most of your talent! If you haven’t tried mockups before, it’s the right time to jump to it!

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