Put the User First with This Flaticon Freebie

By Flaticon 1 week ago

It’s weird not to offer Halloween resources this week, isn’t it? Well, UI icons are always useful so we thought it was a good idea to select these great icons by Flaticon as our new freebie. This set of UI icons is perfect to add to one of your projects. Don’t know what these acronyms refer to?

UI stands for User Interface, it’s a concept that comes together with User Experience (UX). User Experience is what we experience when we use a particular device or service and User Interface refers to the design of the devices following the User Experience. Probably, you knew that already, but just in case, you didn’t!

These icons will help understand concepts such as saving, sharing, posting, etc. If the users want to save for later, leave the site, search some particular concept, anything. Whatever they need to do, you can illustrate with icons. There are limitless possibilities!

The UI icons in this set come in three versions, from outlined to colored. The vector files come in both .png and .svg formats and are infinitely scalable, also color customizable to fit your brand. And the best of all is that is completely free. So don’t miss the chance and make the difference with these icons! 

By Flaticon