Old is Gold When Reusing your Design Elements

By Freepik 2 years ago

Creating fresh new designs can sometimes feel a little challenging but here at Freepik, we are eager to assure you that it needn’t be. For all current and future contributors, we seek to find ways to inspire both yourselves and your designs.  A way of achieving this is showing you how you can reuse your different design elements to create new images. By making adjustments to compositions, patterns, and concepts you can successfully channel your elements into new dynamic designs.

Coordinating Compositions

The composition of your design is central to both its mood, effect, and theme. Any changes to the composition will cause these factors to change as well. When thinking of reusing design elements you can have a look at your past compositions to see what you can develop. If in the past you haven’t created frame, banner, pattern or singular compositions now is the time to use your elements to do so. A great benefit of doing this is that it gives you the chance to test your different ideas.

Power to Patterns

Playing around with patterns is a productive way to construct new designs. Changing simple stylistic features such as colour and size can make a huge difference. The pattern’s palette can transition a pattern from bright and bold to soft and subtle. Or perhaps you can set the pattern in one tone as well for some consistency. In terms of size, the elements involved can be large and rather bold or instead small and rather understated. You are in control of your image and the style statement you want to proclaim.

Creating Concepts

The versatility of design is something to be celebrated and can certainly act as a key pointer of inspiration. Here at Freepik, our designs are used for many different concepts such as backgrounds, home accessories, and clothing to name a few. Perhaps you can reuse some of your elements to create some purposeful concepts such as logos, boxes, banners, posters or invitations. The possibilities are endless and offer a way to keep regenerating your old designs.


There are many simple ways to reuse design elements and they display that there’s always the capacity for new exciting designs. We at Freepik hope that as contributors you will feel refreshed and ready to get creating. Our range of resources are thanks to your originality and we wait in anticipation for your new designs.



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By Freepik