Natural Inspiration by Slidesgo

By Freepik Company 1 week ago

From biology lessons to CSR reports, Slidesgo has a selection of presentation templates that will awe your audience. There’s no better way to expose your ideas than presenting them in a nice, organized and creative template. Click on the images to explore them individually, you’ll see that nature plays the leading role in all of them. Leaves, plants, trees, or flowers beautifully designed or photographed. Remember that you can have them as a PowerPoint template or as a Google Slide theme, so customize them as you wish!

Biology Lesson Presentation

Are you planning lessons for next year already? Here’s a little help to make the process easier. Use this template to present biology or science lessons. Sea life has been nicely represented with a watercolor style. Besides, several marine life illustrations make this presentation stand out. Plus, the typography used is attractive: for the titles, you have a medium-contrast sans-serif font, with a bit of a hand-drawn touch. This makes it look fun and appealing in the classroom. Similarly, for the body text, we’ve used another sans-serif font, perfect to catch your students’ attention.

Biology lesson template

Zero Waste Company Presentation

Zero Waste philosophy is a way of understanding life by reducing waste and encouraging cyclical use of resources. Many companies are combating the impacts of climate change or are willing to raise awareness about it. If your company is one of these or wants to make an announcement on this matter, we have the perfect slides template! It has been created using an outlined, flat and minimalist style that evokes nature. Waste no time and check it out!

Zero waste presentation template

CSR Report Presentation

A CSR report (or corporate social responsibility report) is a periodical document published by companies to inform about their corporate social responsibility actions and results. This type of document synthesizes information about sustainable development. If you need to give a presentation about your CSR, Slidesgo can help! The color palette used is composed of green tones, and there are a great variety of pictures regarding sustainability. Have a look at it!

CSR Report

Flowery Presentation

Flower time! We’ve merged organic shapes and gradients to create this colorful presentation template. It doesn’t have to be a nature-related presentation. In fact, there are multiple slides to show numbers and data through graphics. Have a peek!

Flowery presentation

Green Botanical Presentation

As its name suggests, you’ll find all sorts of plants and leaves throughout this presentation. From a business plan to a nature-related topic, it will certainly attract your audience’s attention. There’s plenty of room to showcase pictures, data, or graphics. The colors and the typography match perfectly with the entire presentation. Therefore, if you want to exhibit a clean and elegant project, we have the ideal presentation. Have a look!

Green botanical presentation