International Photography Day

The 19th of August of 1839 was a day that made history when the daguerreotype was presented in France. An invention that changed the world forever, because it’s considered the first photographic process. That’s why on this day we celebrate International Photography Day.

Since that time and throughout the years, great pictures have been captured.

From wars to sporting events, the infinity of space to the depths of the ocean. Nature, humanity, and technology. Some photos stand out from the rest and have turned into a registry of our history. Just like the one of Marilyn Monroe on the subway.

Or that famous wallpaper.

Even a picture out of this world, or to say it properly, out of this planet.

That’s why, year after year, different contests award the best pictures. Sony and the World Photography Organisation deliver one of the most important.

Sony World Photography Awards

This contest honors the best images from each one of the 50 participating countries. This is a contest between professional photographers and students.

In this edition, 330,000 photographs were submitted worldwide.
In each category, the competition was ferocious.

However, a specialized jury selected the best, among which are these photos.

“The killing Daisy” – Vito Fusco

“Net-zero Transition” – Simone Tramonte

“Sport and Fun Instead of War and Fear” – Anas Alkharboutli

One of the most important categories of all is the “Photographer of the Year”. This year Craig Easton from England took the award.

See all the winners right here.

World Press Photo Contest

The “World Press Photo Foundation” honors the best pictures from the journalism world. It’s been held by the Photographic Social Vision Foundation for more than 17 years. The awarded photographs are those that represent with the highest fidelity the global actuality.

As many would guess, after a couple of really harsh years (to say the least), this year’s finalists presented spectacular images.

Mads Nissen was awarded for his piece called “The First Embrace”, where he showed Rosa Luzia Lunardi being hugged after 5 months because of the pandemic.

See more here.

Photographs are a key part of humanity’s history.

They tell our stories, our reality, where we come from, and where we’re going.
Each photo shows much more than just a fragment of a moment. A good image hides intentionality, a concept, an idea.
They are an art form. Each photographer is one of a kind. 
Some specialize in black and white pictures, others in wide life images or portraits. Every image is an art piece on its own.

That’s why we’ve created a selection of collections, especially for this date. With some of the greatest photographs on Freepik.

Black & White

Colección Black And White

This is one of the most famous styles of photography. That’s why we came up with this collection with some of the greatest black and white images. Check them out here.


Colección Retratos

A face can represent a million sensations, that’s why this photography genre is so popular. Some photographers find in each facial expression true works of art. Discover some of the greatest portrait pictures in this collection.


Colección Naturaleza

Nature provides all the resources we need. Even those that can only be captured with a camera. Some wildlife pictures were so great that they got awarded in different contests. That’s why we honor them with this unique collection.


Día de la fotografía colección deportes

Some artists make taking great pictures a sport. That’s why we came up with this collection, where you’ll find awesome photographs regarding this world.

Which image do you think is the best one? Which one do you consider is the most memorable one? Tell us in a comment.

By Nico