How to Improve Your Sales Performance Using Presentations: a Brief Guide

By Slidesgo 2 weeks ago

If you need a little bit of help in improving your sales performance and increasing your profit, you have just found your post. Keep reading and turn everything you touch into gold, like King Midas!
The coronavirus pandemic has changed our realities upside down. This means that adapting is necessary. With the spread of the disease, selling and offering your services and products is harder.

One of the best ways of increasing the number of sales is to employ presentations with which you can work in your online meetings. In this tutorial, we will give you some basic tips applied to slides. Pay attention!

1. Know your product

You are what you sell. No matter which type of company you are, it’s essential to know everything about your product or services, advantages, usefulness…And you must be able to convey this in a very clear way.

Use the benefits of what you offer to potentiate your sales and to promote your work. Talk about its quality. This is the basic pillar of any campaign. In addition, study your items in depth and be prepared for any sort of question. Become an expert.

It’s important to explain all the details of what you produce in a very simple way. The simpler and the easier to understand, the better to make your potential customers invest in what you do.

Let’s have a look at this slide about food:

Kawaii Sushi Company Presentation

As you can see, this is perfect for a sushi restaurant or company. It includes all its products simply and straightforwardly. Even the combination of colors makes the makis stand out.

Understand your company: if you offer something to eat, you must also know (and talk!) about ingredients. In the following example, you can depict what you employ in your kitchens with icons. It’s easy to understand, and your potential customers will easily recognize the info.

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2. Know your client

Knowing your customers is the most crucial aspect of any company. Learn about your prospective clients’ needs.

Let’s try to understand this with some examples. The COVID-19 pandemic has created new requirements and demands for your clients. For instance, online initiatives are key in this period of social distancing.

Likewise, we all need to follow some protection tips. Yes, your clients too. Add some slides devoted to how to apply these tips or how to prevent the spread of the disease when they are eating at your canteen, for instance.

Lately, we have seen an increase in the use of food delivery apps. It was not allowed to go outside, so food delivery became one of the essential economic activities.

Always adapt to reality: customers need delivery services; hence, provide the service.

There is always a golden rule: your prospective clients have a series of needs. You are the one who is going to meet them.

Do some research. Listen to your clients, conduct some surveys, ask questions. If they are not happy with what you offer, improve it. Explore your target and add some slides related to it. If you are looking for investors, they’ll want to analyze the people to whom you are going to offer your services or products.

You can also add some customers’ reviews. They help make your audience feel that you advertise good quality stuff.

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3. Know your competitors

If you plan to establish a new company, you must learn about your competitors. Are there other businesses like yours? Which are the behaviors that have led them to success or failure? Which things do set you apart? Implement their best techniques, be aware of their mistakes.

To talk about this, you can use the They vs. Us slide that we offer in plenty of our business templates, for example this one:

If you are a food delivery company, you could highlight that your couriers use bikes instead of scooters, as they are eco-friendly.

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4. Visuals

Think about any expensive perfume. Fragrance companies sell quality eaux, but they choose a beautiful design for the bottles. Do you think that this is a coincidence? Of course it isn’t!

Designers know the importance of making their products visually appealing. You must apply this to what you sell but, in addition, to your own presentation.

Give them a touch of modernity, or go for a vintage look. Use colors according to your brand. The main issue here is choosing a smart design that matches what you want to convey. If your company has to do with luxury, use black and golden, for example. If you aren’t sure about how to choose the best colors for your presentation, read our tutorial.

If your company deals with video games, use tons of blue, 3D effects, or neon colors. See this example:

This product demo has futuristic touches, bright colors, and a video game-like design.

The same happens with this target. Its aspect aligns with the nature of the company.

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5. Text and structure

For sure, you’ve experienced a presentation that was not very enjoyable at some point. Maybe it was during your high school years or in a monthly meeting.

Apart from inadequate design, this sort of template is distinctive for the usage of looooooong texts with plenty of irrelevant information. OK, it may not be irrelevant, but that was too much. Try with shorter texts.

When writing the contents of your sales slides, keep the texts simple. There is no need to add a lot of details, a lot of slides, a lot of everything. Keep it short and go straight to the point. See the following example. It includes the different stages of a project using pictures of a building, with a pyramid-like structure and brief descriptions.

In this respect, it is also essential to use an adequate tone. Be fresh, spontaneous. Even when talking about numbers, make them straightforward and uncomplicated. Analyze the use of colors and pictures in the following slide:

The structure also plays an important role in your presentation. There are two main reasons. On the one hand, a coherent and clear structure will help you include all the key points relevant for your presentation: competitors, your product, future steps, your numbers…And won’t leave anything unsaid.

On the other hand, people listening to your speech and looking at your slides don’t know what you are going to say. It’s worth presenting your information in a structured and logical way. It will be understandable, and you’ll easily persuade them to buy or acquire your product.

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To sum up, there are a few things to take into consideration: first, know your company, your product, your competitors and your clients. This is the key to success. When you say something, do it in a simple way and use a beautiful design…Create entertaining presentations. Allow colors, pictures, and nice typefaces to embellish your slides.


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