Freepik uses AI to re-imagine El Sol

Right now in our HQ in Malaga, the 37th edition of El Sol, the Ibero-American Advertising Festival, is going on. This gathering highlights the power of creativity as a transforming force and business driver, something we also believe in and champion at Freepik.

This makes the union between Freepik and El Sol a match made in heaven, so we wanted to bring our vision of creativity to the festival using the most disruptive technology: generative AI.

How did we do it?

Our Post-Production team took on the challenge of reimagining the last 18 El Sol posters using a combination of Artificial Intelligence and their own human creativity (and there’s certainly no shortage of that at Freepik).

As Alicia Mula, Head of Content Product & Acquisition, who led this task, commented “We’ve already carried out other projects with AI in the company, but but this was one of the most difficult, as we had to reimagine already created concepts and bring our vision to them without losing sight of the original idea behind the posters. It was a challenge for the team, but I think we rose to it and came up with some wonderful results.”

The process of creating these pieces begins with brainstorming the key concepts behind each poster in order to write the most suitable prompt. This prompt (the technical name for the text you include in the image generator) should be as descriptive as possible of the idea you have in mind. Anything you can imagine, can be captured and created in a high-quality image.

So, all those feelings and ideas that the El Sol posters transmitted to our designers were shared with Artificial Intelligence, which returned unique and exclusive designs with elements such as: a Ken in a tutu, an alien in the supermarket, the Spanish city of Bilbao with four suns or a snowman enjoying the beach.

It’s not just about AI

As we said before, this action involved the combination of generative AI with the creativity and talent of the Freepik team. AI is basically a tool, and the real designers are our colleague, so their contributions and creative changes to the designs generated were essential and fundamental to obtaining the fantastic results.

For Alicia Mula, “AI is simply an assistant that helps us to create unique content and that makes it easier for us to express some ideas more quickly. However, the human contribution will always be there and will be the distinguishing factor.”

This collection of posters will be on display in the streets of Malaga for 15 days, so if you’re around, keep your eyes peeled! You might just come across one of them. If you want to know more about this collaboration between Freepik and El Sol, visit our Press Room. And if you want to let your imagination run wild, we encourage you to reimagine the posters yourself with Freepik’s AI image generator!