How to Use Free Editable Illustrations for Your Projects

A few weeks ago, we presented you with our new tool for designers and every creative mind out there: Stories by Freepik. If you have missed what it is, check our post hereIn this post, we show you how to use Stories step-by-step and give some tips.

Storytelling with pictures

If you heard about the power of storytelling, you know the vital role visual support plays in it. Images help you to share your vision, explain the idea or the experience, and they aim to support your projects. Using visuals improves in a presentation can capture the audience’s attention. That is why we feel it is so essential to get access to the variety of free illustrations that can enhance any story you want to tell. Even more, if you can edit and animate them directly in the browser and download them in a ready-to-use format.

Step one – Choose the concept

So, first, think of the concept you want to find. Is it for a health-related project? Or maybe a social media post about books? Just put in the search bar the keyword or scroll through the whole collection.

Find the one you like? All right! Before we edit it, remember that all the concepts are available in four styles: Rafiki, Bro, Amico, and Pana. Each has its own characteristic and illustration style.

Once you make up your mind, it is time to edit.

Step two – Editing

You can change the color with one click, choosing one from a palette, or putting a color code. Each illustration has different background options; you are free to make it simple, detailed, or remove altogether. Apart from the background, you can also hide layers to leave only the ones that you need.

how-to stories by freepik

Ready? Great, now you can download it in SVG or PNG format or animate it.

Step three- Animation

The animation is super fun, and it is a great way to spice up any project, so let’s get onto it. If you want an animated illustration but do not know where to start or simply don’t have time to do it, click on Randomize and let our tool do its magic.

how-to stories by freepik

If you decided to create your own animation- let’s see how you can do it. First, in the left panel, click on the detail you want to animate. Then choose the entrance and looping effect, adjusting easing, duration time, and delay. Do this with each detail. To start over, click reset, and to see the result click on Play.

how-to stories by freepik
Once you are done, you can export it. For your landing page or an app, copy & paste the code, or download the illustration as a GIF or Video. As a final step, you can also change the size of the file and background color.

how-to stories by freepik

Voila, ready to share with the world! Let us know what you think about our new tool. Have you used it already? Was it simple? Share your stories on Social Media using #storiesbyfreepik.